Lockstraps Universal Cable Strap Lock (#901) Review – Short and Sweet

Lockstraps Universal Cable Strap Lock (#901) Review – Short and Sweet

Lockstraps Universal Cable Strap Lock Review

Lockstraps Universal Cable Strap Lock (#901) Review – Short and SweetIn a natural progression of product capabilities, Lockstraps, known for their unique locking straps has created a shorty version that’s perfect for securing your helmet and jacket to your motorcycle without having to carry around a lot of hardware.

Lockstraps’ Universal Cable Strap is a two-foot long, 1.5-inch wide strap embedded with a 3mm stainless steel braided cable secured by their usual hardened steel carabiner, with a combination lock you can set to your own combo.

There are probably some other duties the over 5-inch long carabiner might be used for like joining two straps in an emergency or beating the heck out of an attacking rabid possum.

Lockstraps say: “This is great for road bikers and mountain bikers. Slip the strap through your jacket sleeve and helmet to secure both to your bike. Lock multiple helmets, bags or other items securely to your bike to deter theft. Also great for the construction sector, use this strap to secure valuable machinery and tools to your vehicle, offering great piece of mind. No locks with keys and cumbersome chains.”

All I know is that this unit takes the worry out of going to a moto event and not having locking stowage space for my helmet and jacket. Thread the strap through the sleeve, then through the chin bar and affix it to the bike or, in the case of a three-quarter or half helmet, attach the D-rings through the carabiner and lock it to something on your bike.

In this day and age of $800 helmets and $700 jackets it takes the worry out of leaving your stuff in a crowded venue. See Lockstraps other products for comprehensive offerings of straps and tie-downs that lock.

MSRP $24.95


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