GLS Ultimate Air Cleaner for Harley Tourers – 15% Horsepower Gains

GLS Ultimate Air Cleaner for Harley Tourers - price

GLS Ultimate Air Cleaner or Harley-Davidson Tourers (1999+)

GLS Ultimate Air Cleaner for Harley Tourers - 15% Horsepower GainsDesigned by top-notch machinist and Harley-Davidson enthusiast Gary Glass, owner of GLS Machining and Design, the GLS Ultimate Air Cleaner is a top-flight aftermarket Intake breather that has been dyno tested.

These breathers – designed for 1999 and up Harley-Davidson Touring models – are Precision CNC-machined from 6061 billet aluminum and provide an incredible amount of airflow, which equals horsepower.

GLS reports a 15% gain in horsepower, which is about 10 horsepower for each tourer. This is the breather for the riders who want the biggest bang for their buck – along with the benefit of good looks.

Available in chrome, chrome-and-black combinations, black contrast cut, all black or black wrinkle finish, these lightweight air cleaners feature a stage-3 air filter and upgradable velocity stack length options. Three heat shields protect the intake from sucking engine hot air, and cooler air equates to additional horsepower!

The GLS Ultimate Air Cleaner looks sharp as well. Filters are available in a variety of colors, including orange, red, black, blue and purple. They feature clear Lexan faceplates with underlying machine designs, including flame, star, and spoke. Designs are available in chrome, black, black wrinkle and contrast machine cut. No other air filter combination performs as well as the Ultimate Air Cleaner.

Each air cleaner is machined and individually assembled to customers’ specifications. All manufacturing and assembly performed in Alexandria, Indiana, USA. Available at Cycle Solutions and GLS Intakes.

GLS Ultimate Air Cleaner for Harley Tourers - price


  1. Would be nice if there was some data to back-up those claims . Dyno chart ? Is this a story or just a repost of their advertising hype ?


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