Cortech Adrenaline II Glove Review | Strength and Sensitivity

Cortech Adrenaline II Glove Review | Strength and Sensitivity
Cortech Adrenaline II Glove Review

Cortech Adrenaline II Glove Review

Cortech Adrenaline II Glove Review | Strength and Sensitivity
Cortech Adrenaline II Glove Review

For most of us, gloves seem to fall at the bottom of the list for must-have riding gear. Riders generally focus on a quality helmet, designer leathers, and comfortable boots first.

While all these are obviously important, just consider how important your hands are; they do just about everything we need. And when the unthinkable happens, they are usually the first part of our bodies to meet the blacktop. Our hands need to be as well protected as possible, but that’s not a simple achievement without compromising the feel and movement.

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The American-based motorcycle apparel company Cortech has come as close to achieving that perfect balance between strength and sensitivity with its Adrenaline II race glove.

I’m beyond impressed with these gloves; from the moment I tried them on for size they felt perfectly contoured to the natural shape of my hand. Engineered from a combination of three different types of leather and two types of abrasive resistant materials, Cortech has gone that extra mile to give you outstanding sensitivity and movement. The knuckles and fingers are well protected on top of the hand with a molded knuckle pad and flexible joints falling exactly where my fingers bend.

Cortech Adrenaline II Glove test

I can roll up a tight fist with no effort at all, something that is nearly impossible to do with my old gloves from a different manufacturer. And these Cortech Adrenaline II gloves are considerably less expensive than that specific top name brand.

Cortech Head of Marketing Richard Kimes explains that there are only a handful of factories in the world that are capable of producing such a technical glove and they are one of them. The secret to the gloves success is not only the contouring shape but also the blend of constructing materials.

Cortech use high grade raw hide for the top and outer shell and extremely supple Kangaroo leather for the palm which is then reinforced at the finger tips with Kevlar. In addition to the Kevlar reinforcement, Cortech has now integrated Knox sliders on the high abrasion areas where the hands would potentially slide on the tar. All this technology is securely stitched together with double needle nylon thread.

Quality gloves are not much good if they fling off on impact, so Cortech designers have paid a lot of attention to securing the gloves around the wrist with easy to use and we’ll placed velcro straps.

The Cortech Adrenaline 2 gloves are available from all major retailers and come in a variety of standard colour combinations. Sizing is true and consistent with other brands but the value for money is what has racers and sport riders alike switching to Cortech.

The Cortech Adrenaline 2 gloves carry a price of $199.99; for additional information, visit Cortech.


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