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Dunlop TrailSmart Tire Performance
Dunlop Trailsmart Tires on Street

New Dunlop TrailSmart Tires

Dunlop TrailSmart Tire Performance
Dunlop Trailsmart Tires on Street

The new Dunlop TrailSmart tire recognizes the growing ADV segment of motorcycle riding. However, while adventure bikes are designed for varying degrees of off-road duty, many riders never take their ADV bikes into the dirt. The Dunlop TrailSmart tire is designed to appeal to the adventure bike owner who rides primarily on the pavement, and wants performance focused on street riding and long-distance touring.

Using technology from the high-performance Dunlop Sportmax line, the Dunlop TrailSmart tire gets Jointless Band construction for the rear tire. Jointless Band is a process that wraps the tire in a continuously wound belt, so the contact patch remains consistent. This, in turn, resists excessive heating of the tire due to a reduction in distortion of the thread, according to Dunlop. In addition to a superior ride, the life of the Dunlop TrailSmart is also increased.

Dunlop TrailSmart Tire Preview Review
TrailSmart rear tire

The Dunlop TrailSmart uses an all-new XGT Cross Groove tread pattern design. Crossing the entire tire, the grooves are there to direct water away from the tire. Off-road, it enhances traction in the dirt, as loose soil can be displaced for increased grip.

Additionally, the Dunlop XGT Cross Groove pattern gives a large rubber footprint on the street, so the weight of the bike is distributed over a larger contact patch. The rib angles of the large tread blocks optimize pattern stiffness, so the tire squirms less. Heat is also kept within a healthy range, so the Dunlop TrailSmart tire does not wear out prematurely.

Many adventure bikes, even when used exclusively for sport-touring, will find themselves in inclement weather. The Dunlop TrailSmart rubber compound is silica-fortified, which helps tire warm up on cooler days and on wet pavement. Additionally, the silica added to the rubber reduces rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption, giving the ADV bike a longer range.

The new Dunlop TrailSmart tires come in sizes to fit popular (and not-so-popular) adventure bikes from BMW, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, and Ducati, as well as heritage brands such as Cagiva and Benelli. There are both 19- and 21-inch front tires, as well as tires to fit 17- and 18-inch rear rims.

Dunlop TrailSmart Tire Size Chart

90/90-21 54V Front
110/80R19 59V Front
120/70R19 60W Front
100/90-19 57H Front
120/90-17 64S Rear
130/80-17 65S Rear
130/80R17 65H Rear
140/80R17 69H Rear
150/70R17 69V Rear
170/60R17 72W Rear
150/70R18 70V Rear

Dunlop TrailSmart Tire Gallery



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