News Dunlop Elite 4 Tires - First Look | High-mileage rubber

Dunlop Elite 4 Tires – First Look | High-mileage rubber

Dunlop Elite 4 Tires Debut

Dunlop Elite 4 Bagger


The new Dunlop Elite 4 high-mileage motorcycle tire has made its debut. Using Dunlop’s proprietary MT Multi-Tread technology in the rear Elite 4 tire, Dunlop claims improved grip in wet and dry conditions, more consistent wear, and a quieter ride.

Dunlop Elite 4 front tire detailAlthough the Dunlop Elite 4 is an all-new tire, it was not designed exclusively for newer motorcycles. Instead, with a broad range of sizes, the tires can be used for motorcycles that are decades old. Radial construction is available for the late-model motorcycles, while the bias ply versions of the Elite 4 can be used on bikes of all ages. For older motorcycles with older-technology tires, Dunlop claims a possible doubling of tire life compared to single-compound tires.

Tread pattern is what always catches the eye of a buyer, and the new Elite 4 tread is inspired by Dunlop’s high performance, DOT-legal, track-ready tires, including the highly regarded Sportmax Q3. The long, sweeping grooves in the Elite 4 have the function of directing water away from the tire, which helps improve grip in the rain. An innovative repeating 1/32-inch deep “dot” depression in the Elite 4 serves as an easily observed tire wear indicator.

Dunlop tells us that many tires that need replacement have only worn out part of the tire—either the shoulder or the center. Thanks to a focus on even wear, the Dunlop Elite 4 front tires will last longer because no single portion of the tire will wear excessively. Dunlop is claiming a five-percent increase in Dunlop Elite 4 rear tire detailrear tire life for the Elite 4 over the E3 it supplants, as well as stronger grip on the road, thanks to improved compounds. Road noise will be decreased, front and rear, due to the new Elite 4 tread design.

For those who like to see products made in America, the Dunlop Elite 4 was designed and engineered at the Buffalo plant where it will also be manufactured. Testing was done at the Dunlop Proving Grounds in Huntsville, Alabama, as well as roads throughout the United States. Touring aficionados will be impressed to know that Dunlop test riders took a 2007 Honda Gold Wing on six coast-to-coast rides on the same set of Elite 4 tires.

Below is a list of tire sizes initially available for the Dunlop Elite 4, with more to come in future.

Dunlop Elite 4 Tire Sizes Chart

Dunlop Elite 4, bias front

Size Speed Index
130/90B16 73H
130/70-18 63H
100/90-19 57H
110/90-19 62H
80/90-21 48H

Dunlop Elite 4, bias rear

Size Speed Index
170/80B15 77H
150/80B16 77H
160/80B16 80H

Dunlop Elite 4, radial front

Size Speed Index
130/70R18 63H

Elite 4, radial rear

Size Speed Index
180/60R16 80H

Dunlop Elite 4 Tire Gallery


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