Sidi Mag-1 Motorcycle Boot Review | Crash Tested

Sidi Mag-1 Motorcycle Boot Review | Crash Tested
Sidi Mag-1

Sidi Mag-1 Motorcycle Boot Review

Sidi Mag-1 Motorcycle Boot Review | Crash Tested
Sidi Mag-1

Bill Berroth, owner of Motonation, the North American importer of Sidi boots, tells us, “If we can help improve rider safety, then I believe we have a duty to bring [a new feature] to market.” Having worn various Sidi boots for a number of years, I’m a believer.

I crashed heavily on track and, fortunately, I was wearing Sidi Mag-1 boots. My right ankle became trapped between the handlebar and gas tank, and while sliding I could feel the enormous forces being exerted on my ankle.

I was petrified that my ankle would either be dislocated or broken. However, such was the strength of Sidi’s internal frame that neither happened, and I was able to walk away with zero damage to me.

This leads us to the technical side of the Sidi Mag-1 boots, which is impressive beneath the surface. A carbon fiber internal frame braces the boots, and they weigh almost a pound less than the Sidi Vortice — a boot worn by MotoGP racers. Both the arch and Achilles tendon areas utilize Sidi’s exclusive elastic textile and injection molded polyurethane comfort panels, and two flexible bands for maximum arch support.

The shaped, shock absorbing heel cup is at and smooth on the inside to prevent snagging on any bike parts, and the replaceable shock absorbing back and outside helps prevent any impact being transferred into your heel in a crash; the external sliders across the heel, toe and shin are all replaceable.

The Mag-1’s toe slider has an alloy insert for durability, and features a new air intake for cooling throughout the boot. High stress sections of the Mag-1 are double stitched to prevent tearing, and the dual compound sole provides high grip on footpegs.

The Sidi Mag-1 is a side entry boot with a zipper and Velcro flap to hold it closed, and three plastic-coated steel wire loops that cinch down across the instep, ankle, and calf, essentially creating a custom fit.

Sidi Mag-1 Motorcycle Boot for saleThe so-named Micrometric Tecno-3 magnetic closure mechanism has shaped magnetic ends that click home on clips attached to the boot, so they are easy to place. Once attached, each click of the adjuster increases the wire tension incrementally, thereby tightening the fit. To take the boot off, or reduce the tension, a small lever is moved on the adjuster that releases the ratchet and, subsequently, the tension.

The only downside is that they are somewhat fiddly to put on, although the system has been improved over previous generations of Sidi boots. The upside is that having made the effort, the fit of the boots is perfect, and the level of tightness in key areas can be adjusted to individual preference. The end result is a flexible yet stable boot, where the normal range of motion is unhindered, and ankle roll is all but eliminated.

The Sidi Mag-1 is a comfortable, pliable, technical boot that allows for good feel at the controls, and yet prevents damage to the ankle and the rest of your foot in a crash, based on my experience on the track. The Sidi Mag-1 — the Italian company’s latest flagship road-racing footwear (and its perforated Air sibling) — is not only one of the lightest boots available, it is also among the most protective.

The Sidi Mag-1 retails for $495; for additional information, visit Sidi.

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