BMW Motorrad USA Rider Contingency – Over $1 Million for 2016

BMW Motorrad USA Rider Contingency - Over $1 Million for 2016
UMC's Ron Lieback tests S1000RR at NJMP

2016 BMW Motorrad USA Rider Contingency

BMW Motorrad USA Rider Contingency - Over $1 Million for 2016
UMC’s Ron Lieback tests S1000RR at NJMP

The arms race for  contingency programs has begun and BMW Motorrad USA has thrown its Bavarian hat in the ring as well. Offering more than $1 million this year in contingency awards, which is available to racers aboard 2015 and 2016 model year BMW S 1000 RR superbikes, BMW have vowed to make the lives of privateer racers a little easier for 2016 stateside race series.

“BMW Motorrad’s Contingency Program, Rider Support Program, and International Race Trophy reinforce our commitment to supporting privateer BMW motorcycle racers throughout the world,” commented Kris Odwarka, Vice President, BMW Motorrad USA.

“This year, we’re spreading the wealth beyond podium finishes by rewarding racers who qualify for the start grid and finish in the MotoAmerica series and ASRA Team Challenge,” said Odwarka.

“BMW Motorrad is providing riders with all the tools they need to succeed on the racetrack – a class leading liter bike at a substantial savings, with the added incentive of HP Race Parts!” observed Professional Racer Nate Kern, who will serve as a BMW Motorrad Motorsports Advisor at MotoAmerica series races this year.

So here is the breakdown: Not only will podium finishes be rewarded, but pole position as well as finishers in the MotoAmerica, and in the ASRA Team Challenge. In the parts department, HP Race Parts will be given substantial discounts for any eligible racers out there.

One of the biggest benefits of the BMW Motorrad’s Rider Support Program is the discount offered off the MSRP of a new 2016 S 1000 RR. Over $6,800 can be saved on a new S 1000 RR with the Race Package and HP Race Power Kit. Eligibility is as follows: You must be a racer currently holding a valid racing licenses for MotoAmerica, WERA, National or CCS series races and have already earned top finishes in one of the aforementioned series to reap the benefits. To apply, visit your local authorized BMW Motorrad USA dealer.

BMW Motorrad’s Contingency Program is managed online via XTRM, which provides real-time distribution and management of contingency money payouts, results tracking and social media marketing. Racers competing on a 2015 or 2016 S 1000 RR are being encouraged to enroll at XTRM and reap the benefits of their performance.

MotoAmerica competitors are also being encouraged to sign up for the BMW Motorrad International Race Trophy which provides international exposure for anyone competing on an S 1000 RR, HP4 or sidecar powered by BMW to test their mettle in local races against riders across the globe.

The BMW Motorrad International Race Trophy 2016 is comprised of 19 championships that host 318 races in 23 countries on six different continents. The overall winner and the top 15 riders each collect cash winnings as well as a trophy and an invitation to an end-of-the-season celebratory gala. For more information, visit BMW Motorrad International Trophy.

All in all, it seems that BMW, among many others are vying for the privateer rider’s attention with the expansion of these programs. Hopefully, some of you guys and gals make use of them!


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