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Tour Master Advanced Jacket Review

Tour Master Advanced Jacket Review | Women’s Motorcycle Gear

Tourmaster Advanced Jacket ReviewI’ve had to temper my riding lately, having gotten a ticket on the Ventura Freeway, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve been wearing the new Tour Master Advanced jacket — the Black/Hi-Viz color combo — so there’s no flying under the radar in this jacket.

The Tour Master Advanced jacket is quite a cool package — it’s lightweight and spare, yet flexible enough to cover a nice range of temps, and has the CE-approved armor I want to feel secure.

The textile jacket is made from Carbolex, a multi-functional fabric that is waterproof yet breathable, and claims to resist abrasion. El Niño hasn’t hit Los Angeles yet, nor was the light sprinkle I rode home in one night enough to test its rain-worthiness, but the Rainguard barrier under the Carbolex should keep a rider dry unless conditions are extreme.

There is a removable, insulated full sleeve liner on the Tour Master Advanced jacket that does a very credible job of keeping me warm without the bulky winter jacket look. With only a long sleeved t-shirt under it, I’ve been comfortable in the low 50s when commuting home from work in the dark at full freeway speeds. With two base layers under the tee, it was not my torso that got cold while blitzing along at 75 mph for an hour in 48-degree Thanksgiving’s Eve temperatures.

Certainly the longer cut of the Advanced jacket–which reaches below the hips in front, and has a slightly longer tail–helps, as it prevents air from sneaking up around your waist, especially when hunched over on a sport bike. Credit also to the trim fit of the jacket, adjustable at the side waist via Velcro tabs, and on the upper and lower sleeve via 3-position snaps. When cinched down it helps retain body heat. A wind-blocking Velcro flap runs the length of the main zipper, further preventing wind (and rain) from sneaking through the jacket.

The collar and cuffs are soft against your skin and the fit is adjustable via Velcro tab closures. A longer tab at the collar would be welcome, though, as it’s hard to fully close the collar when I tuck a neck Buff inside on chilly night rides.

The Tour Master Advanced jacket’s quilted liner is secured via color-coded snaps and straps in the sleeves (the only minor tedious part of installing the liner), and on the side waist, plus one long zipper from hem to collar and back down to hem.

While I haven’t had the chance to test the brand new Tour Master Advanced jacket in summer conditions, with the liner removed and vents opened, a reasonable amount of air moves through it. This gives the Advanced jacket a lot of flexibility for riding conditions, especially here in Southern California where temperatures are not extreme on either end.

Tourmaster Advanced Jacket Review ColorsA couple of smart design features keep the spare fitting Advanced jacket comfortable: the elasticized bottom hem as the sides of the three quarter-length jacket aids in mounting the bike, while otherwise keeping the line of the jacket tidy, and the ‘action back’ shoulders allows easy movement across the back.

New CE-approved hard plastic shoulder and removable elbow armor are comfortably installed on the Tour Master Advanced jacket and stay in place, providing impact protection, along with a removable foam back protector (go with something CE approved, if you can swing it). Night visibility is enhanced by narrow reflective panels down the chest and back, as well as Phosphite piping along the front of the sleeves.

Storage in the Tourmaster Advanced jacket is reasonable, though not quite generous. Most surprising is the lack of a media pocket when the liner is not installed. Huh? Clearly something got lost in the design mix, as I’ll still need a place for my iPhone when the temperatures climb high enough to zip out the liner.

Other than this miscue, you’ll find the usual non-specified large square inside pocket on one side, and with liner installed, a deep media pocket with Velcro-closure on the other, alongside a similarly shaped but non-secured pocket. The zippered chest vents do double duty as small pockets, and there is a fanny storage pocket with zippered access from either side, making it easy to neatly stow the liner, or other like-sized items. The hand pockets in front are well cut for relaxed access for warming your digits.

The Tour Master Advanced jacket covers a range of riding conditions in style, with well thought-out details but without the premium jacket price. MSPR is a penny under $200.

For additional information, visit Tourmaster.

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Kelly Callan
Kelly Callan
Kelly is an avid two-wheel commuter, enjoying the frenetic energy of Southern California’s freeways on the wide variety of test bikes passing through the UM garage. Partial to singles, she’s equally appreciative of twins, triples, and fours, and enjoys sporting canyon rides or off-road riding on weekends.

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