SCHUBERTH Rebrands and Launches New Website

SCHUBERTH Rebrands and Launches New Website


SCHUBERTH Rebrands and Launches New Website

SCHUBERTH, a leading helmet manufacturer out of Germany, has partnered with a Hamburg-based agency, Jung von Matt, to develop new branding. SCHUBERTH’s new corporate identity includes a revised brand logo, new fonts, and a focus on orange colors.

The rebranding also coincides with a new website launch, and a new helmet line.

“We are extremely excited to present our new Corporate Identity to our customers,” said Mike Talarico, SCHUBERTH North America Marketing and PR Manager. “It’s much more than new colors and logs, it’s a paradigm shift in the way we do business. The new identity puts the focus squarely where it belongs: on our customers and the experiences they enjoy while using our helmets.”

The new corporate identity begins with a transition from the traditional SCHUBERTH blue to a new, vibrant orange. The iconic SCHUBERTH logo has been updated to reflect this change, and new fonts have been developed to ensure that a modern and uniform look and feel is found in all SCHUBERTH materials moving forward.

The SCHUBERTH website has also been redesigned to reflect the new corporate identity. Along with the updates to the company colors, logos and fonts, the new SCHUBERTH website features a modern and responsive design to accommodate worldwide visitors across all devices. See the new SCHUBERTH look at


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