Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Bike Primed For Racing Season

Dirt Bike Maintenance Tips | Keep Your Motorcycle Primed For Racing SeasonIf you are serious about dirt bike racing, you’ve no stranger to dirt bike maintenance. A great way to make sure that your bike runs smoothly all season is to take care of preventative maintenance in the off-season, and to re-inspect your bike after each time you ride.

Keep Your Gas Tank Clean

Keeping your gas tank clean is always important, but it becomes even more important in the off-season before the racing season begins. Take the opportunity to clean it from dirt and debris that will cause damage to your engine.

Keep Your Chain in Good Condition

Check the condition of your chain before you stow away your dirt bike, and again before you ride. Make sure to clean it and re-lube it, and make sure that it has the proper tension going into riding season. Having your chain in good condition and properly tensioned will prevent dangerous issues from arising, ruining your race, and compromising your safety.

Check Your Tires for Damage and Wear

Before you put your dirt bike away, check the tires to make sure that they will still be usable when racing season comes around. Realizing you need new tires at the last minute can be a costly surprise. If you need to replace the tires, it is best to do so right before you plan on riding again because to prevent tire damage you will want pressure off the tires as the bike rests anyway.

The off-season is a great time to make sure that you get back to racing with your bike in the best condition possible. Do a full cleaning and inspection before putting your dirt bike away for the season, and plan on making small improvements so that when riding season comes back around you and your dirt bike will be ready to perform better than ever.