Supercross 2015 Season to Re-Air on Fox Sports

Supercross 2015 Rewind - KTM SX-F 450 Rider Ryan Dungey
Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey

Supercross 2015 Rewind Re-Air Broadcast

Supercross 2015 Rewind - KTM SX-F 450 Rider Ryan Dungey
Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey

All Supercross and Motocross racing series in America are complete, but the action will return to TV. Feld Motor Sports announced Thursday that the entire 2015 Monster Energy Supercross series - and FIM World Championship - will be re-aired on Fox Sports regional sports networks.

The re-air episodes actually already began October 1, but continue today with round two at Phoenix for round 2; check your local Fox Sports listing for specific times. The Supercross 2015 re-run broadcast continues until the opening round of 2016 Monster Energy Supercross in January.

During Supercross 2015, Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey fought for his second SX title. The Minnesota KTM SX-F 450 pilot earned the title by 85 points ahead of Honda’s Eli Tomac.

"We couldn't be happier that the FOX Sports regional sports networks will be re-airing the 2015 season," said Ken Hudgens, Chief Operation Officer, Feld Motor Sports. "Monster Energy Supercross Rewind will get fans excited for the upcoming 2016 season. It will also give them a chance to look back at their favorite races and Ryan's Dungey's championship run, including all the bar-to-bar action that made 2015 so thrilling."

2015 SUpercross 2015 Rewind Broadcast Schedule:

1. 10/01/2015 Supercross Rewind 1- Anaheim
2. 10/08/2015 Supercross Rewind 2 - Phoenix
3. 10/15/2015 Supercross Rewind 3 - Anaheim
4. 10/22/2015 Supercross Rewind 4 - Oakland
5. 10/29/2015 Supercross Rewind 5 - Anaheim
6. 11/05/2015 Supercross Rewind 6 - Arlington
7. 11/12/2015 Supercross Rewind 7 - Atlanta
8. 11/19/2015 Supercross Rewind 8 - Indianapolis
9. 11/26/2015 Supercross Rewind 9 - Detroit
10. 12/03/2015 Supercross Rewind 10 - St. Louis
11. 12/10/2015 Supercross Rewind 11 - Houston
12. 12/17/2015 Supercross Rewind 12 - Santa Clara
13. 12/24/2015 Supercross Rewind 13 - East Rutherford
14. 12/31/2015 Supercross Rewind 14 - Las Vegas

The 20+ FOX Sports regional sports networks will re-air each race, one week at a time. The below schedule outlines the specific races and weeks they are scheduled to re-air. Each FOX Sports RSN will program the individual races based on their local availability. Check your local listings for specific times.


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