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Speedway Shelters Updated | Retractable Motorcycle Covers
Speedway Shelters

The Santa Cruz-based Speedway Shelters have updated its popular retractable motorcycle covers. Speedway Shelters changed the design of the cross members that support the fabric top, and also upgraded the fabric itself to better withstand UV rays of the sun as well as the snow, rain and hail.

The motorcycle shelter is now designed with a Polyester Fabric that offers significant increases in protective coatings to extend the life of the fabric longer than previous Speedway Shelters models.

By using the new arched design on the top three cross members and the more durable fabric, the revised Speedway Shelter will shed rain, snow, and anything that comes down in a much more efficient manner. As seen below, in addition to external aspect and functionality of the design, it will also allow for more internal clearance facilitating even higher windshields, handlebars, and mirror heights when the bike is parked in the unit.

Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters come in two sizes…the Standard / Sport Model and the Specialized Touring Model. Use the motorcycle sizing guide to help identify the Speed-Way motorcycle cover that best fits your specific bike, such as Honda, Suzuki, Harley Davidson and more.

For additional information, visit Speedway Shelters or call 831-477-9600.