Gear / Parts Honda CBR1000RR Taylormade GP2 Exhaust Released

Honda CBR1000RR Taylormade GP2 Exhaust Released

Honda CBR1000RR Taylormade GP2 Exhaust

Honda CBR1000RR Taylormade GP2 Exhaust Released
Honda CBR1000RR with Taylormade GP2 Exhaust

Inspired by Honda’s fearsome RC213V MotoGP racer, the exhaust artists at Taylormade Racing have just unleashed the GP2 slip-on system for late-model CBR1000RRs. More than just a fine metal sculpture clad in carbon fiber, it increases power, emits a distinct growl and weighs nine pounds less than the stock exhaust.

Taylormade is a pioneer in carbon-fiber-shrouded motorcycle exhausts. The company’s model-specific, composite trim panels artfully conceal underslung, mufflers, reveal exhaust pipes or encompass their outlets, while seamlessly blending into stock bodywork. Combining these elements, its beautiful, unique products – styled by renowned motorcycle designer John Keogh – make every Taylormade-equipped bike immediately stand out from the crowd.

Looking just like the factory racer’s side-mount pipe, the new GP2 features a short megaphone capped with steel mesh and fed by an underslung, chambered muffler. Both are shrouded by Taylormade’s signature design element–a stunning carbon-fiber body trim panel that follows the pipe’s upswept lines and perfectly integrates with its belly pan.

The GP2 boosts midrange and top-end power without fuel-system remapping and requires no permanent modifications. Replacing the CBR’s heavy, bulky muffler and metal heat shield, once in place, the system easily bolts directly to the Honda’s lightweight, efficient stock header.

Honda CBR1000RR Taylormade GP2 Exhaust Released stainlessFrom there, hot exhaust gases are fired directly into the GP2’s hidden, mass-centralizing absorption-style muffler that features Taylormade’s exclusive Cool Ceramic Technology. Constructed from thin-wall stainless-steel that is ceramic coated to enhance performance, it routes the gases through a series of cooling passageways and a proprietary blend of stainless-steel and fiber packing material that soak up noise, heat and vibration, not power.

The GP2’s compact, cone-shaped muffler proudly emerges from beneath the bike for the world to see and is secured by the stock mounts. Its body is built from thin-wall 304 stainless steel chosen for its superior corrosion resistance, durability and light weight.

The pipe is formed on a mandrel tube bender, precisely TIG welded and turned out with a natural finish that accentuates the material’s look of raw power, or an ominous black ceramic coating; both have excellent heat-retention qualities and clean up easily with soap and water. The GP2’s exhaust outlet is only three inches in diameter and topped with a stainless-steel grate, just like the factory bikes of World Champion Marc Marquez and teammate Dani Pedrosa.

Completing the MotoGP-inspired look is Taylormade’s distinctive, carbon-fiber body trim panel. It’s manufactured to aerospace quality standards using male and female molds, three sheets of 5.8-ounce, plain-weave carbon fiber laid down by hand and an epoxy resin binding the layers that doesn’t contain fillers or other compromising elements.

These first-rate materials and meticulous craftsmanship produce a super-light shroud less than 1/16-inch thick, with great detail and a smooth finish, as well as exceptional strength and heat resistance.

Backed by a one-year warranty, the GP2 kit includes sturdy, stainless-steel brackets, high-grade fasteners and a well thought-out, step-by-step installation guide illustrated with 11 photos. Video instructions are conveniently posted online. With basic tools and part-changing skills, the system can be mounted in about two hours.

Honda CBR1000RR Taylormade GP2 Exhaust Released blackDrawing on decades of experience working with World Superbike and Formula One race teams, Los Angeles-based Taylormade is dedicated solely to designing, manufacturing and marketing GP-style exhaust systems for select, late-model sportbikes, and carbon-fiber fabrication.

Taylormade’s exquisite CBR1000RR GP2 is currently in stock and shipping daily. Orders are now being taken online at, by phone at 818-781-8123 and through select motorcycle dealerships.

For more information about the company’s other 14 exhausts and a host of carbon-fiber accessories for popular, late-model Japanese, European and American sportbikes, visit, its active Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube channel.

Honda CBR1000RR Taylormade GP2 Exhaust

  • Artfully executed, carbon-fiber-shrouded, stainless-steel exhaust system
  • Boosts midrange and top-end power without fuel-system remapping
  • Emits a distinct growl and weighs nine pounds less than stock
  • Inspired by Honda’s fearsome RC213V MotoGP racebike
  • Makes the 2012 to 2015 CBR1000RR immediately stand out from the crowd
  • Styled by renowned motorcycle designer John Keogh
  • Composite panel follows the pipe’s upswept lines and seamlessly blends in
  • Lightweight, aerospace-quality carbon-fiber panel is less than 1/16-inch thick
  • Short, cone-shaped pipe built from thin-wall stainless steel
  • Pipe is formed on a mandrel tube bender and precisely TIG welded
  • Steel mesh covers the 3-inch exhaust outlet
  • Underslung, mass-centralizing, absorption-style chambered muffler
  • Cool Ceramic Technology soaks up noise, heat and vibration, not power
  • Color choices: An ominous black ceramic coating or a natural finish
  • Kit comes complete with stainless-steel brackets and high-grade fasteners
  • Step-by-step installation guide; video instructions conveniently posted online
  • Mounts in about two hours with basic tools and skills
  • Bolts directly to the stock header without permanent modifications
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Retail Price: $999

For additional information, visit Taylormade.

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