Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 Gloves Review

Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 Gloves Review - QuickShift TestWith the sun starting to bear down on us, we reach into our box of gloves and fish out a pair of our favorite warm- weather gloves — Joe Rocket’s Phoenix 4.0.

Combining the protection of a leather palm and hard-plastic knuckle protectors with a mesh shell and plenty of perforations in the fingers, the Phoenix 4.0 gives us no reason to forego proper hand protection, not matter how hot it gets.

An appropriately short glove with a convenient single wrist strap, the feature that makes us love the Phoenix 4.0 so much is the floating knuckle design. Many summer gloves only provide the basics, so getting the comfort that comes with floating knuckle protectors is a huge plus.

Also, we’re quite fond of the thin palm padding that spreads out to reinforce the thumb area where it interfaces with the throttle. Good vibrations all around.

The Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 Gloves are available in seven colors – Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Gray, Yellow or White – for $49.99. For additional information, visit Joe Rocket.