2016 Husqvarna Motorcycles – Refined Motocross Lineup

2016 Husqvarna Motorcycles FC 450
2016 Husqvarna FC 450

2016 Husqvarna Motorcycles

2016 Husqvarna Motorcycles FC 450
2016 Husqvarna FC 450

Husqvarna has updated its motocross lineup for 2016, which features the FC 450, FC 350 and FC250 4-stroke models, and the TC 250, TC 125, and TC 85 2-stroke models.

The 2016 Husqvarna motorcycles were refined for less weight, and arrive with new bodywork, new engine designs and carbon-fiber subframes. The four-stroke models and the TC 125 received the most massaging for 2016.

2016 Husqvarna Motorcycles – 4-Stroke Motocross Model Updates

Husqvarna began the revising of its 4-stroke MX motorcycles with a new lighter frame. Husky says rethinking torsional rigidity and longitudinal stiffness, the hydro-formed, laser-cut and robot welded chromium molybdenum steel frame is lighter and more compact to offer better handling and feeling than the 2015 FC models.

The FC 450, FC 350 and FC 250 all received a new three-piece carbon-fiber subframe, which sheds just over two pounds. Other new items include an updated cast-aluminum swingarm CNC machined triple clamps, WP’s 4CS forks, a new shorter and a rear shock that’s a pound lighter.

Husqvarna says that these suspension components are mated to a new rear link geometry, which improves both damping and balance. It ensures optimum traction and control across all riding situations and terrains.

2016 Husqvarna FC 350
2016 Husqvarna FC 350

The 2016 Husqvarna motorcycles were also updated with smaller and lighter engines that were reconfigured for optimal mass centralization. A reshaped exhaust system also helps optimize mass centralization, and helps reduce sound levels to keep within FIM limits. Notably shorter and sleeker, the FC 450 sees its resonance chambers integrated into the header pipe.

Across all 4-stroke FC 2016 Husqvarna motorcycles, a new Keihin engine management system processes data faster while a 44 mm throttle body – compact and 0.2-lbs. lighter – provides immediate throttle response thanks to the elimination of a throttle linkage. The FC models also arrive with launch control, which alters the engine characteristics for maximum traction at the start of a race.

All of these changes add up to significant weight loss. The 2016 Husqvarna FC 450 is 11.4 lbs. lighter than its predecessor; the FC 350 10.3 lbs. lighter; and the FC250 8.8 lbs. lighter.

All 2016 Husqvarana motorcycles in the FC lineup were also upgraded with revised blue and electric-yellow bodywork and graphics, a new seat and revised ergonomics. Other improvements include new GSK brake discs, Pro Taper handlebars, ODI lock-on grips, new WP radiators, new 7-liter polythene fuel tanks, a new airbox design with tool-less air filter access, black DID alloy rims, CNC machined hubs and Dunlop MX52 tires.

2016 Husqvarna Motorcycles – 2-Stroke Motocross Model Updates

2016 Husqvarna TC 125
2016 Husqvarna TC 125

While considerable effort has gone into the release of the all-new 4-stroke models, the 2-stroke range also sees improvements – in particular the TC 125.

The 125 machine receives a significantly smaller and lighter engine. Redesigned and repackaged with a new power valve and exhaust it has an increased power output from 38 to 40 horsepower. The 2016 Husqvarna TC 125 is 7 lbs. lighter than its predecessor.

For the youngest racers in the Husqvarna family, the powerful TC 85 is the ideal entry machine into motocross. Adorned with stylish colors and graphics, it is the perfect motorcycle for the champions of tomorrow.

The TC 250 was also updated with new CNC triple clamps with rubber damping, a new seat cover and new disc brakes.

The 2016 Husqvarna motocross range will be available this fall from authorized Husqvarna dealers.

2016 Husqvarna Motorcycles – FC and TC Motocross Lineup Photo Gallery


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