Aspect Solar SB-37A & DUO-Flex 2 Solar Charger | Review

AspectSolar SB-37A & DUO-Flex 2 Solar Charger | Review

AspectSolar SB-37A & DUO-Flex 2 Solar Charger | ReviewFor all you high-tech motorcyclists out there who never have enough charge in you phones, tablets or small devices, meet the Aspect Solar SB-37A Battery Pack SB-37A.

This device is the size of an iPhone 5 (4.88 x 2.28 x 0.63 in. and 7.68 oz.), and will fit in any pocket. the SB-37A provides a true 10,000 mAh of recharge to almost any device that can plug into a USB port and requires 2.1A, or less, of output.

Not everyone has a power port on their motorcycle, especially one offering USB. Even if you did this may be easier to use and to stash.

I didn’t do a scientific test on this but did recharge my phone and camera a few times. It works quickly and Aspect Solar claims it will charge a smartphone 7.5 times, a tablet 1.75 times and a point-and-shoot camera 17.5 times. Your results may vary but there is a lot of energy stored in this lithium ion battery.

AspectSolar SB-37A & DUO-Flex 2 Solar Charger TestYou may charge the battery from the included charger and USB cable, any other well-rated USB charger or, if off-the-grid is your game, Aspect Solar’s DUO-Flex 2 solar charger, a portable solar panel that can be deployed at your campsite or strapped on your top case for all-day charging.

The unit only weighs one pound and is 12.6 x 6.89 x 1.57 in. in size. It is packaged in a zippered, heavy duty case with D-rings at the corners and carabiners included for tie-down purposes. It’s rated at 13-watts and can be unzipped and deployed as a square, with the two panels one above another, or as a rectangle with the panels side-by-side.

Beware of online imitations that sell batteries claiming twice, or more, their actual capacity. Aspect Solar states its rating as true. If you want to get off the beaten path and your power needs are moderate, then check out this compact and beautifully made system.

Aspect Solar MSRP:

  • SB-37A $79.99
  • DUO-Flex 2 Solar Charger $119.99