Harley-Davidson: Check Your Helmet Month Tips

Harley-Davidson: Check Your Helmet Month Tips
Capstone Sun Shield Modular Helmet
Harley-Davidson: Check Your Helmet Month Tips
Capstone Sun Shield Modular Helmet

For many motorcyclists across the country, April means the beginning of riding season. Harley-Davidson wants motorcyclists to be safe, and dedicated April as “Check Your Helmet” month.

Harley says nearly 80 percent of all “Harley-Davidson and competitive motorcycle owners and passengers wear a helmet every time they ride.” By checking helmets in April, motorcyclists will be re-assured they are getting the protection expected from their lids.

To assist rider, Harley has released the following suggestions:

  • Helmets should be replaced every 3-5 years, according to DOT and Snell Foundation guidelines. Over time, exposure to UV rays combined with the aging of adhesives and components damage a helmet’s protective qualities.
  • A helmet is designed for only one impact and should be replaced even if you can’t see any external damage. Dropping a helmet counts as an impact.
  • Proper fit is vital to a helmet’s effectiveness. A well-fitting helmet should rest one inch above your eyebrows and shouldn’t roll forward or sideways on your head. See your local Harley-Davidson dealer for assistance with helmet fit and care.
Retro Harley-Davidson: Check Your Helmet Month Tips
Tantalus Retro Helmet

Harley also released information on its latest lineup of DOT helmets:

  • The men’s Capstone Sun Shield Modular Helmet features a lightweight comfort chin bar plus an integrated one-touch tinted Sun Shield that deploys quickly and easily. The Advanced Channeling Ventilation System delivers full front-to-back airflow to flush out heat and humidity, while the face shield offers 95 percent UV protection with an anti-scratch coating. The modular helmet is available in Matte Black (P/N 98370-15VM, $250), Gloss Black (P/N 98369-15VM, $250) and White (P/N 98371-15VM, $250).
  • Sporting the innovative Speed Dial Fit system, the new men’s Pioneer Sun Shield Half Helmet (P/N 98366-15VM, $160) allows quick adjustments and tightening. An integrated tinted Sun Shield deploys easily and complements the removable visor.
  • The new women’s Tantalus Retro 3/4 Helmet (P/N 98361-15VW, $175) features a fiberglass shell, snaps for shields and visors and custom graphics that rebel against the “traditional” black helmet.
  • Constructed from hybrid fiberglass and aramid, the new women’s Metal Flake Ultra-Light Half Helmet (P/N 98342-15VW, $190) is 17 percent lighter than traditional fiberglass shells. The antimicrobial, moisture-wicking inner liner is removable and washable. A removable visor and neck curtain offer customizable style and comfort. It weighs 1 lb. 6 oz.

For additional information, visit Harley-Davidson.

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