Motorcycle Types Adventure / Dual-Sport Hitcase Pro and ChestR | A Hit for Motorcyclists

Hitcase Pro and ChestR | A Hit for Motorcyclists

Hitcase Pro and ChestR | A Hit for MotorcyclistsHitcase makes shock-resistant and waterproof cases for Apple’s iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S, along with mounting possibilities for the budding moto movie maker.

We found the 3.9-ounce Pro case (for the 5 and 5S only) to be very protective, with a heavy plastic cover that does not inhibit operation of the touchscreen. Because of the tight proprietary ShockSeal, installing the phone in the case can require a hard squeeze to get the three clamps aligned.

Although a thin seal allows you to use the microphone and speaker, you will want a Bluetooth headset to make or take telephone calls while you ride. Additionally, with Bluetooth you can listen to music and operate the phone through voice commands while taking videos.

Because the case is sealed, with no way to insert a cable, users must rely solely on the phone’s internal battery. However, there are stainless steel power and volume buttons for making gloves-on adjustments.

Videographers will want to add the ChestR neoprene chest mount, along with other choices from Hitcase’s full range of mounts. The ChestR has the capability of minor up/down angle adjustments so, no matter your position, you can point the camera where you want it, though you obviously can’t monitor the image with it in place.

As a bonus, the Hitcase ChestR utilizes a Railslide mounting system on the case that is also compatible with GoPro units. At the same time, you can use your Hitcase-enclosed iPhone to control later-day GoPro units wirelessly.

The Pro has a wide angle lens that gives you a 170-degree field of view, and the case helps minimize wind noise for higher quality audio in your videos. The sound is especially good if the Hitcase is behind a motorcycle’s windscreen.

Hitcase has a free 4-star rated Vidometer – GPS Video Map Recorder app at the Apple App Store. It can display an overlay of speed, altitude, and g-forces. For less than two bucks, you can upgrade to a Pro version of the software that includes zoomable map overlays, GPS path tracing, satellite imagery, and the ability to record and save videos with embedded maps.

Even with all the enhancements of the Hitcase Pro and ChestR, the iPhone is no replacement for a dedicated video camera such as the GoPro or Drift-S, due to its limited battery life and storage capacity. Still, if your needs are modest, the Hitcase ensemble is a fun way to use your iPhone on your bike, as well as off.

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