MSF Spanish Motorcycle Operator Manual Released

MSF Spanish Motorcycle Operator Manual Released

MSF Spanish Motorcycle Operator Manual Released

With Hispanic motorcyclists on the rise, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has released its Motorcycle Operator Manual – rightly known as “MOM” – in a Spanish-language version.

The MSF reports that seven percent of all American motorcyclists are now Hispanic, and the Hispanic population makes up 11 percent of the younger riders from Generations X and Y.

Currently, 41 states use MOM as a study guide for motorcycle-license applicants, and the guide has been reference material for motorcycle operation for the past four decades.

The MSF says MOM covers riding gear, basic rules-of-the-road, navigating intersections, crash-avoidance strategies, carrying passengers, impaired riding, and vehicle troubleshooting, plus supplemental information on the unique characteristics of three-wheeled motorcycles.

“We hope that states with a sizable population of Spanish-speaking motorcyclists and potential motorcyclists will consider offering copies of this new publication at their motor vehicle offices,” said Ken Glaser, MSF’s director of special projects.

The MSF reports that a Spanish version of the MOM, along with Spanish versions of other key MSF instructional materials, is available for free download from MSF’s online library.

States can request a print-ready, live-file version of the Spanish MOM by emailing


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