VP Racing T2 Released | 2-Stroke Fuel Pre-Mixed with Oil

VP Racing T2 Released | 2-Stroke Fuel Pre-Mixed with Oil

VP Racing T2VP Racing T2

The ritual of mixing gas and oil has never been popular among 2-stroke motorcycle riders, and today riders are also confronted with damage from ethanol-blended street gas which clogs injectors, fouls carburetors and goes bad after just a few weeks in storage.

To address those problems and more, VP Racing Fuels has introduced T2 – a racing fuel pre-mixed with oil.

“Ethanol-free T2 not only offers the convenience of a pre-mixed fuel and prevents ethanol-related problems, it offers substantial yet cost-effective performance gains in any modern 2-stroke bike,” said Steve Burns, VP’s Founder and Director-R&D.

Designed for today’s modern stock or modified 2-stroke bikes, T2 is pre-mixed at a 40:1 ratio with a top quality JASO FD-rated, certified premium oil that, combined with the other fuel components, offers optimum performance.

“Compared to premium pump gas, new T2 offers substantial increases in horsepower and torque as well as better throttle response, along with the superior consistency for which VP’s race fuels are famous,” Burns said.

“T2 is economically priced, offering similar or better performance gains than many higher-priced race fuels. A leaded fuel, T2’s 105 octane rating (R+M/2) provides excellent protection against detonation and precludes the need for octane boosters or other measures required by riders using pump gas to deal with extreme conditions.”

“T2 also protects your investment,” Burns continued. “It vaporizes better, thus burns cleaner and more efficiently. Because it contains no ethanol, T2 remains stable in a sealed container for up to 2 years and prevents repairs needed for ethanol-related problems. All this combines to increase the time between rebuilds, extend the life of your engine and lower your long-term costs. While T2 is designed for today’s modern 2-strokes, we continue to recommend VP’s C12 racing fuel for older air-cooled 2-stroke bikes.”

For technical questions about T2 or advice on tuning, contact VP’s Tech Support staff at 812-878-2420 or motorcycletech@vpracingfuels.com.

For additional information, visit VPRacingFuels.com.