Held USA Announces Partnership with CLASS Motorcycle Schools

Held USA Announces Partnership with CLASS Motorcycle Schools

Held USA Announces Partnership with CLASS Motorcycle SchoolsHeld USA & Class Motorcycle Schools Partnership

Held USA is proud to announce their renewed partnership with Reg Pridmore and CLASS Motorcycle Schools.

CLASS instructors will be outfitted with Held’s top of the line Titan and Phantom motorcycle gloves and students will be able to test and purchase the gloves and other Held products such as track suits and accessories.

Founded in 1972 by three-time AMA Superbike Champion and Hall of Fame member Reg Pridmore, CLASS is one of the top motorcycle track schools in the nation. Designed for street riders, the easy-to-learn Control and Technique skills apply to all kinds of riding, from commuting and recreational riding to track days and racing. Learn more at www.classrides.com.

“We are very excited to use Held gloves and products at our schools,” Pridmore says. “We want our instructors to be wearing the safest and most comfortable motorcycle gear possible and we hope this will influence our students to invest in the best. This is what Held is known for, so it’s the perfect partnership for CLASS schools.”

“I took a CLASS school with Reg when I was a fairly new rider,” says Held USA’s Sarah Schilke, “and it definitely changed my riding and my awareness of the importance of high quality safety gear. The focus on excellence and safety provides an optimal platform to showcase Held’s premium gloves and track suits, and I’m thrilled to rev up this partnership.”

Reg Pridmore chooses Held because he wants his instructors and students to wear the best, like this CLASS instructor in his Held Titan gloves.

Learn more about the CLASS Motorcycle Schools and see a complete 2015 schedule at www.classrides.com. Find out more about Held USA’s premium products like the Titan Evo race glove with titanium knuckle cover, stingray leather and safety finger bridge at www.HeldUSA.com. Find Held USA on Facebook, follow @HeldUSA on Twitter and @Held_USA on Instagram for the latest updates and promotions.