2014 Comete Motocycles ‘The Bouncer’ Seventy-Two Sportster

Comete Motocycles out of France has unveiled its newest creation – “The Bouncer.”

The Boucer is a contemporary take on a bobber with “some Asian traits,” and is built upon a 2014 Harley-Davidson Seventy-Two Sportster using all Comete Motocycles parts.

These parts – 100-percent made in France – consist of :

• Velocity Stack with K&N Fileter – all HD Injection and CV
• Grips in aluminum billet – all HD with cable throttle
• Footpegs in aluminum billet – all HD
• Headlight grill – all new generation 5″ 3/4 headlights
• Gaz cap in aluminum billet – all HD
• Full leather solo seat kit – Sportster from 2004
• Side mount plate – Sportster from 1992
• Time cover – all Sportster

The gas tank was reworked, and the chromed rims are 16” equipped with Firestone rubber. The bike also features an “Easyrider Japan” ape hanger handlebar and exhaust also donning a “Japan-ish” look.

We attached a photo gallery above of the Comete Motocycle “The Bouncer.” Let us know what you think!

For additional information on Comete products, visit comete-moto.com.

Pictures by Jerome Lobato