Dunlop Trailmax TR91 Review | 80% Street, 20% Dirt

Dunlop Trailmax TR91 Review | 80% Street, 20% Dirt

Dunlop Trailmax TR91 Review | 80% Street, 20% Dirt

Dunlop Trailmax TR91 Review

After 4300 miles, the standard issue Bridgestone Trail Wing knobby tires on my Triumph Scrambler were worn down to the nubs. I got to know the abilities and shortcomings of the bike, and how it fits into my 80/20 ratio of on-/off- pavement riding.

Fitting the more pavement-friendly Dunlop Trailmax TR91 tires has greatly elevated the overall riding pleasure of the Scrambler. The Triumph is now stable at freeway speeds (or even greater speeds with cloaking device activated), as well as during aggressive lower-speed cornering that scrapes the peg feelers.

The Dunlop Trailmax TR91 tires earned the highest marks on smooth, wet surfaces that had not seen previous rain in over a month, bringing the road slime to the surface. Water is channeled in V-shaped crossed grooves that allow increased water capacity as they near the outer road contact surface.

Trying to break the tires loose from a standstill in the wet, I twisted the grip to 3/4-throttle and dropped the clutch. The bike tried to shoot out from under me, as the front end came up and the rear tire held tight, as if to say “Gotcha!”

Dunlop Trailmax TR91 Review | 80% Street, 20% Dirt
Dunlop Trailmax TR91

The TR91s have a silica-fortified compound that Dunlop claims increases wear. Dunlop’s Jointless Band construction is designed for smoother performance at highway speeds, a more consistent road contact patch, and enhanced shock absorption. From a practical standpoint, all of this is borne out in daily riding.

Traction is also quite good on hard packed dirt, though it expectedly diminishes when softer soil is encountered. The same can be said for pebbled roads, where the rider must use caution when running street pressure.

If you don’t air down, the front end will be steered by the loose material rather than allowing a better grip, as often experienced with the stock knobby tires. Heavy use on crushed-rock road surface showed no cuts, punctures or cleavages on the tire, and the miles I’ve put on give me high expectations of long service.

The Dunlop Trailmax TR91 tires meet and exceed the needs of this 80/20 rider, without question.

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