Triumph Rocket III Mustang Seats Touring Saddle

Triumph Rocket III Mustang Seats Touring Saddle

Triumph Rocket III Mustang Seats Touring Saddle

Triumph Rocket III Mustang Seats

The enterprising crew at Mustang Seats, LLC continues to boldly go where no aftermarket seat manufacturer has gone before, now with the launch of touring seats for Triumph’s Rocket III.

Creating a class unto itself, the big Triumph “power tourer” has a head-turning 2.3-liter, three-cylinder engine built for interstellar travel. No question that the Rocket has more than enough motor, but when it comes to the long haul, the seat can become a pain in the posterior!

“With the world’s biggest production motorcycle engine, the Rocket III is ready for long hauls, heavy loads and going places in style,” says Mustang marketing director Marilyn Simmons.

In fact, no touring bike has more effortless torque than the Rocket III — it has more torque at idle than most touring bikes at their best!

“All the torque in the world is great, but for all day comfort, you really need a Mustang seat,” Simmons says.

Simmons suggests shooting for the stars by combining the power of the Rocket III with Mustang’s legendary comfort: “Not only are our seats built for comfort, Mustang’s two-piece seat for the Triumph Rocket III Touring sets the rider a half inch lower than stock and almost an inch further back than the stock position. The combination of controlled density polyurethane cushion and the more relaxed riding position make a real difference for the long haul.”

The wide 17″ bucket and the 12″ passenger seat provide long-term support for your longest journeys,” she adds. “The optional easily removable built-in driver backrest offers more features than any other backrest on the market.” “Choose between a two-piece studded or vintage style seat with an array of accessories for the Rocket III Touring, including studded or vintage fender bibs as well as studded or vintage tank bibs with an optional storage pouch.

Part numbers for new seats for Triumph Rocket III Touring (2008-2015):

76881 – 2-piece Studded
76882 – 2-piece Vintage
79780 – 2-piece Studded Including Driver Backrest
79781 – 2-piece Vintage Including Driver Backrest

(Solos and passenger seats are available separately upon request.)

93231 – Studded Tank Bib
93230 – Vintage Tank Bib
93233 – Studded Tank Bib With Pouch
93232 – Vintage Tank Bib With Pouch
78162 – Studded Fender Bib
78161 – Vintage Fender Bib

In addition to the Rocket III Touring, Mustang also makes seats for Triumph Bonnevilles and Thunderbirds. For more details, please contact Mustang Customer Service at 413-668-1190 or 800-243-1392 or visit Mustang Seats.


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