2015 Triumph Bonneville Newchurch Special Edition | First Look

2015 Triumph Bonneville Newchurch Special Edition | First Look

2015 Triumph Bonneville Newchurch Special Edition

Each year a small mountain town in Austria is the setting for the world’s biggest Triumph party as thousands of Triumph fans celebrate their love of the brand and the bikes they own.

Featuring everything from outrageous customs to an off-road drag race known as “The Rumble,” the town of Neukirchen changes its name to Newchurch for the week-long “Tridays party”.

To celebrate this event, Triumph has produced the 2015 Bonneville Newchurch Special Edition. The new model features new paint schemes, a new low profile seat and black detailing throughout. 

The gas tanks are hand painted with a new design that highlights the iconic lines and the new Triumph logo.

The US version will only be available in Cranberry Red/Pure White with hand-painted black detailing.

To further carry the customized scheme, the Bonneville Newchurch has blacked-out fenders, headlamp bowl, handlebars, mirrors and springs.  Finishing off the transformation are all-black seven spoke cast wheels featuring a hand painted pinstriped coachline.

The Bonneville Newchurch is built around the Bonneville’s 865cc DOHC parallel twin engine with 360-degree firing order. The motor shares the visual essence of the original Bonneville, including its carburetor look-alike fuel injectors, classic exhaust routing and engine cases. The parallel twin engine produces 67 peak horsepower and 50 ft/lbs of torque spread across a wide power band and includes the Triumph electronic engine management system.

A range of Triumph accessories are available, from wind-protecting screens or leather saddle bags, to a choice of two Arrow exhaust systems and chrome or anodized accessories.

The Bonneville Newchurch will be available in Triumph dealerships in April 2015 and will be priced starting at $8,699.

As with all Triumphs, the Bonneville Newchurch comes with an unlimited mileage, two-year factory warranty. Service intervals are every 6000 miles, or one year, whichever comes first.