Volkswagen XL Sport Unveiled – Ducati Superleggera Powered

Volkswagen XL Sport - Ducati Superleggera Power

Volkswagen XL Sport

For those who love everything Ducati, the Volkswagen XL Sport prototype is going to pique some interest. Why? The XL Sport is powered by the Ducati 1198cc engine that’s found in the super-exclusive Superleggera.

This is the first creation from both companies since the Volkswagen Group took over Ducati in April 2012. The new XL Sport takes its design from the diesel/electric hybrid XL1.

What VW did was stuff in the slightly modified Superquadro L-Twin, which produces 197 horsepower and 98.8 ft/lbs of torque, and designed a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Nearly 200 horsepower doesn’t sound like much for a sports car, but the Desmo produces enough power to allow the 1962-lbs XL Sport to achieve 168 mph and a 5.7-second 0-100 kmh (0-62 mph).

The XL Sport is loaded with some unique features, also, including digital displays that act as mirrors, LED headlights, flip-up doors, ceramic-disc brakes, cameras integrated into the rear fenders, and a monocoque frame just like its sibling – the Ducati Superleggera.

The XL Sport was unveiled this week at the Paris Motor Show, and celebrates a major accomplishment for VW – it is the German-based company’s 200 millionth product.

The next question is – will it go into production? If so, expect the price to be around $175,000 – about the same as the VW XL1.