2015 Yamaha XJR1300 & XJR1300 Racer | First Look

2015 Yamaha XJR1300 & XJR1300 Racer | First Look
2015 Yamaha XJR1300

2015 Yamaha XJR1300 and XJR1300 Racer

The 2015 XJR1300 and the Race edition sit in the Sports Heritage Range of the Yamaha product line, equipped with the largest displacement air-cooled engine on the market.

According to Yamaha, collaborations with builders such as the Wrenchmonkees and DEUS Ex Machina have had a significant influence in the development of the new XJR, which for now is only available in Europe.

The friendship with Keino, who recently unveiled his version of XJR1300 named Rhapsody in Blue, has also helped and influenced bringing this new machine into being.

The racer-inspired fuel tank is narrow to emphasize the mass of the 1250 cc four-cylinder air-cooled engine while the new solo-seat design gives a high-performance look and custom feel.

The black 4-2-1 exhaust pipe and muffler ends in a new tail cap design, setting off the look. A shorter tail at the rear adds to the compact, muscular silhouette in line with the narrower front tank.

Further standard custom additions pay homage to the production racers of the 1970s, including an aluminum side cover in a buffed finish with filter-like mesh inserts. Tapered aluminum handlebars and a compact headlamp top off the racer look.

The XJR’s potent DOHC air-cooled engine produces an impressive 98 horsepower and 108Nm (72.3 ft/lbs) of torque. There is a steel double cradle frame with an engine mounting system designed to re-direct vibration.

The front forks feature friction reducing DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coated inner tubes partnered with a premium Ohlins rear suspension set up.

The fuel tank has also been fully re-designed with a slimmer profile yet holds 14.5 liters (3.8 gal.) of fuel. Wider handlebars that sit closer to the rider offer an upright seating position.

2015 Yamaha XJR1300 Racer

Just as Keino’s Rhapsody in Blue inspired the new XJR1300, so the collaboration in 2013 with Deus Ex Machina on the beautiful XJR1300 Eau Rouge inspired the new XJR1300 Racer. The Yamaha XJR1300 Racer is a custom twist based on the new XJR1300 machine.

A carbon cowling and short carbon front fender pay homage to the café racers of the seventies while period style clip-on handlebars set up café racer riding position.

The sport styled solo-seat design is enhanced with a carbon seat cover to complete the look. The riding position is more focused than the standard XJR giving a genuine Café race style with a more forward, sportier feel.

2015 XJR1300 Racer additions:

  • Carbon cowling
  • Clip-on handlebar
  • Carbon short front fender
  • Aluminum front fender stay
  • Carbon passenger seat cover

Yamaha bolt-on accessories for the 2015 XJR1300 and XJR1300 Racer include:

  • Black Akrapovic slip-on muffler
  • Sport screen
  • Fly screen
  • Led indicators
  • Custom narrow handlebar
  • Roller protectors
  • Multiple soft luggage options
  • Handlebar end mount rear view mirror kit
  • Custom rear set
  • Leather fuel Tank band
  • Machined billet front sprocket cover by Rizoma
  • Machined billet injection cover by Rizoma
  • Machined billet pegs by Rizoma