Aerostich Transit 2 Waterproof Leather Riding Suit Updated

Aerostich Transit 2 Waterproof Leather Riding Suit Updated

Aerostich Transit 2

Significant updates have recently been made to Aerostich’s high tech waterproof leather riding suits.

First introduced six years ago, the original Transit waterproof/breathable leather suit is now known as the Transit 2. Multiple hidden and visible developments combine and increase this 2nd generation suit’s comfort, versatility, waterproofness, protection.

Key changes include an added zippered pocket on the right forearm, added underarm zip vents, a fold-away reflective cover over the back vent, new more-waterproof zippers and a near-full circumference (270º) pant-to-jacket zipper.

Made from GORE-TEX Pro Shell Leather, Transit 2 Jackets and Pants provide higher levels of protection and comfort, are completely waterproof and wear noticeably cooler under a hot sun than traditional leathers.

The unique built-in-the-hide technology is a breakthrough in toughness and durability, too. An Aerostich Transit suit doesn’t soak up moisture so it never gets heavy during wet rides, and always dries immediately.

The suit contains a complete set of carefully fitted yet easily removable TF armor systems — elbow, shoulder, knee, hip and back pads — to provide superior impact energy absorption with less movement restriction. And the leather itself is ultra-supple, luxurious and flexible. So no matter what your local riding conditions and plans, or what the immediate climatic situation, you’ll be a lot more protected and comfortable.

The Aerostich Transit 2 is completely waterproof and ideally suited for everyday convenience and wearing functionality. Jacket sizes 38–52 Short, Regular and Long. Pants sizes 30–44 waist, Short, Regular and Long. Imported.


  • Transit 2 Jacket #248 $987
  • Transit 2 Pants #249 $897
  • Transit 2 Two Piece Suit #259 $1784

Available at or call 1-800-222-1994.


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