MOTO-D Cool-Tec Motorcycle Socks Review

Moto-D Coolmax Traction Grip Socks

MOTO-D Cool-Tec Traction Grip Motorcycle Socks Test

When putting together a riding ensemble, the details can make a huge difference. MOTO-D Cool-Tec motorcycle socks are an essential part of any warm-weather riding outfit.

If you have a pair of perforated or vented boots, you feet are not getting the cooling you really want unless you have a pair of socks that will flow the air to your skin. The Invista Coolmax fabric allows plenty of airflow through to your feet when you have perforated or vented boots, or textile footwear. The difference between the Moto-D Coolmax socks and regular riding socks is huge.

Moto-D Coolmax Traction Grip SocksThe second important feature of the MOTO-D Cool-Tec motorcycle socks is the dots of PVC on the sole. If you walk in just the socks on a hard, smooth surface, you will immediately notice the difference. Your feet absolutely do not slide — you get full traction on the hardwood or concrete floor. That’s great, but how it works in a boot is what matters.

While it is difficult to quantify when riding hard, when you put your boots on and try to move your feet in them, you will notice there is less slipping with the MOTO-D Cool-Tec motorcycle socks . This is a bit like getting an enhanced fit for the boots; it makes your boots respond better when shifting, braking, or moving around on the pegs, and feel is improved.

The extra grip is not a huge thing, but the difference is there. If you are looking for every advantage when riding hard, the MOTO-D socks give one to you.

MOTO-D Cool-Tec  motorcycle socks make two promises and they deliver on both. Your feet will be cooler (though you must be wearing air-flowing boots to get the full effect) and your feet are more secure inside your boots. For $15 a pair (or $30 for three pair), that’s impressive performance.

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