Gear / Parts Visorvision V2 Spong - Easy Helmet Faceshield Cleaning

Visorvision V2 Spong – Easy Helmet Faceshield Cleaning

Visorvision V2 Spong - Easy Helmet Faceshield CleaningVisorvision V2 Sponge

The unique, V-shaped Visorvision V2 Sponge is a visor-cleaning breakthrough. Taking inspiration from the sweep of a jet plane wing, the sponge’s slash-cut leading edges, which do most of the dirty work, are tapered to provide 7 percent more leading cleaning-edge surface area than square sponges of the same thickness.

Waterless Cleaning Power

Packing the latest developments in material technology, the 3-inch x 3-inch sponge is almost weightless. The V2 – unlike other visor cleaners – does not rely on potentially damaging chemicals for cleaning power.

Simply douse it with a small amount of water and get to work. Far more effective than old-school sponges and wipes, the V2 glides over smooth surfaces, then hunts down visor muck. Its tiny Microcell fibers cut into dirt and bug remnants, effortlessly lifting them away.

Then, a quick buffing with one of the two supplied spun-woven, lint-free absorbent cloths magically leaves visors with a dry, smear-free, optically clear surface.

Small, Lightweight & Convenient

Unlike conventional sponges, “wet wipes” or faceshield cleaners in spray bottles, a moist V2 easily slips into its tough, 4 inch x 5 inch grip-sealed, water-tight plastic storage bag, leaving it ready for the next assignment.

Soft and safe, it can be stashed just about anywhere: in jacket pockets, under seats, in luggage and other small spaces. During normal use, the V2 Sponge can be expected to deal with approximately 12 cleaning jobs.

Award-Winning Product

In Europe, the V2 Sponge is firmly established as the finest faceshield cleaning solution on the market, having won of every magazine shootout against similar products since its launch, including the coveted Motorcycle News Product of the Year and RiDE magazine’s Best Buy awards.

Defining Features

  • V shape replicates the shape and sweep of an aircraft wing
  • Slash-cut V is easy to grip
  • Leading edges are tapered, providing 7% more cleaning edge than square sponges of the same thickness
  • Sold in convenient pocket-sized packages of one, three and six
  • Chemical-free cleaning power–just add water
  • Microcell fibers cut into dirt and bug remnants, lifting them away
  • Two spun-woven, lint-free absorbent buffing cloths included with each V2
  • Leaves a dry, smear-free, optically clear surface
  • Put away damp, they’re ready for their next use
  • Moist sponge stored in heavy-duty, grip-sealed, water-tight plastic bag
  • Practical and easy to use–simply rinse and re-use
  • Can be stashed in jacket pockets, under seats, in luggage and other small spaces
  • Available individually or in multi-packs of 3, 6 and 12

Retail Prices: $6.99 each; 3-pack: $17.99; 6-pack: $31.99; 12-pack: $59.99

Question, Order and Follow

Visorvision V2 Sponges come in single-sponge, 3-packs and 6-packs. They’re distributed by BritKit and available at

For more information on Visorvision’s innovative product line, please visit, email or call 844-274-8548. The latest product and company news is also available on its Facebook page and Twitter postings.

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