For British Eyes Only - SKY TV Casting Call for MotorcyclesSKY TV Casting Call for Motorcycles

Just like James Bond, if you are one of our British readers, this message is for your eyes only—but simply because it applies only to you and only if you have a vintage motorcycle.

SKY TV is preparing to shoot a new made-for-TV drama, “The Enfield Haunting,” in the northwest of London through September and October and has issued a casting call—for stock late 1960s or 1970s vintage motorcycles!

The producers are seeking vintage bikes based within 50 miles of northwest London and will pay the cost of fuel to and from the shooting locations up to a 50 mile maximum, plus an unspecified daily rate.

The motorcycles will be used on a drop-off, pick-up basis allowing their owners to visit London at their leisure. If the owner is required to stay with the motorcycle or is chosen to ride their motorcycle in a scene, the producers offer catered meals for the day.

There is the possibility that a small number of bike owners may be selected by the Director to take part in the filming; for those who are, there will be hair styling, makeup and wardrobe for their film debut, however brief it may be.

To learn more contact Katie from Eleven Film on: