2014 Harley Low Rider Recall Due to Ignition Switch Vibration Issues
2014 Harley-Davidson Low Rider

2014 Harley Low Rider Recall

Last month, Harley-Davidson had recalled over 66,000 of its Touring-model motorcycles due to pinched brake-line issues.

And on Friday, the Motor Company issued yet another recall, this one for the 2014 Harley-Davidson Low Rider (FXDL).

Harley has recalled over 4,500 Dyna Low Riders worldwide due to ignition-switch issues; more than 3,300 are in the USA, Harley says.

Harley reports that due to engine vibration on modified Low Riders that rev over 5,600 RPM, the ignition switch can go from “on” to “accessory.” If this occurs, the engine can shut off while moving, potentially causing a crash. As of this writing, no crashes have been reported due to the issues of this recall.

From the factlry, Harley limits the Low Riders to a limit of 5,600 rpm, but performance parts (both Harley brand and aftermarket) are available to achieve a higher rev limit (such as a modified exhaust and fuel management system). If modified to rev over 5,600 rpm, the excessive vibration can cause the upper engine mount to vibrate too much, causing the ignition switches to malfunction.

Harley says dealers will replace the bracket assembly and ignition-switch knob on the effected Low Riders free of charge. Owners began receiving notifications in late July.

As of this writing, Harley had four complaints about the issue, and all four motorcycles had non-Harley exhaust systems.