Harley-Davidson Accessory Seats – Treat Your Butt Better

Harley-Davidson Accessory Seats - Treat Your Butt Better
Harley Sunflower Seat

Harley-Davidson Accessory Seats

In the old West a saddle was a cowboy’s most valued piece of gear. Carefully selected for fit and features, worn and molded to provide all-day comfort, a good saddle was a cherished item.

A motorcycle’s seat provides the same intimate interface between rider and machine, and dialing in the fit of the seat is key for rider comfort and confidence.

Harley-Davidson employs the latest tools of ergonomic science to shape the seats for its new motorcycles, but also understands that riders come in all shapes and sizes. Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories has developed a wide range of accessory seats for many H-D motorcycle models, each intended to enhance rider fit and comfort, or to provide select features.

Get it Right at the HD-1 Fit Shop

Rider reach to the controls, reach to the ground, and general comfort are all areas that can be addressed with an accessory seat. Through the H-D1™ Fit Shop, participating Harley-Davidson dealers offer a Seat Demo Program that takes the guess-work out of finding a perfect-fitting seat.

A rider can try several seats and see how each affects the style and ergonomics of his or her motorcycle. Participating dealers will have as many as 26 different accessory seats available for demo on a variety of Harley-Davidson models.

Harley-Davidson Seats that Dial In Fit

Reduced Reach seat styles are ideal for riders with a shorter inseam. These seats move the rider closer to the hand and foot controls. They feature a narrow front profile that brings the rider’s legs closer together so feet may rest firmly on the ground. Reduced Reach seats are available for select V-Rod®, Dyna®, Sportster®, Softail®, Touring and Street® motorcycles.

Super Reduced Reach seats are intended for small-frame riders with a very short inseam. These seats move the rider significantly closer to the controls than an Original Equipment seat and also feature a narrow front profile. Super Reduced Reach seats are available for select Dyna, Sportster, Softail, and Touring models.

For riders at the other end of the ergonomic spectrum, Harley-Davidson offers its Tallboy® seat styles. Designed for riders with a long inseam, the Tallboy seat moves the rider up and back from the controls to create more room for arms and legs. A wider seating surface reduces pressure on the tailbone. Tallboy seats are offered for select Dyna, Softail, Harley-Davidson Street™ and Touring models.

Harley-Davidson Seats for Touring Comfort

Sundowner™ seats offer maximum long-haul comfort. They feature a deep and wide contoured rider bucket that provides lower back support and a wider pillion for added passenger comfort. This seat is a great perch for the highway or for around-town cruising, and is available for select V-Rod, Dyna, Sportster, Softail, and Touring models.

For extra support, Signature Series® seats feature an integrated rider backrest with a five-position height adjustment and a 1.5-inch fore-and-aft range. A quick twist of a knob accomplishes all adjustment. The seat width and foam density are optimized for long-range comfort. The backrest is removable and folds down for easier passenger mounting. Solo and two-up versions of the Signature Series seats are available for select Sportster, Dyna, Softail and Touring models.

Riders frequently navigating rough road surfaces will benefit from the technology designed into the Harley® Hammock seat. This seat for Harley-Davidson Touring models features two inches of added foam padding and an internal sling-like suspension system at the rider position. Combined, those features add a 30 percent improvement in comfort and provide two inches of travel above the seat pan to prevent bottoming out.

The rider seat has a broad seating surface and a shallow bucket shape to distribute weight and relieve pressure points. The passenger position features a wider seating surface with two additional inches of foam padding and an internal springboard suspension which combined deliver 15 percent more comfort. The Harley Hammock seat is also available with dual-zone heating for even more touring luxury in cool weather.

New air-bladder technology lies under the cover of the Road Zeppelin® Air Adjustable Seat. An internal adjustable air bladder system distributes rider and passenger weight across the seating surface, eliminates pressure points and cushions tailbones.

The air bladder pressure can be adjusted with easy-to-reach hand pumps and air-release valves. The combination of smooth vinyl and water-resistant textured fabric seating surfaces allows air to circulate beneath the body, reducing the air temperature between the rider and seat. This seat delivers incredible shock absorption and long-haul comfort without sacrificing the low-slung look of a custom seat. Road Zeppelin Air Adjustable Seats are available for select Touring, Sportster, Dyna and Softail models.


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