Brock’s Performance Introduces Sprint Filter for Suzuki Hayabusa

Brock's Performance Introduces Sprint Filter for Suzuki Hayabusa

Brock's Performance Introduces Sprint Filter for Suzuki HayabusaSprint Filter for Suzuki Hayabusa

Brock’s Performance, a global leader in the design, testing, retailing and distribution of go-fast products for motorcycles, has just introduced Sprint Filters P08 air filters for Suzuki Hayabusas that never need washing or oiling.

The first product in Brock’s new lineup of Sprint Filters’ world-championship-winning air filters, this is a direct-replacement unit which simply drops inside the Gen II ‘Busa’s airbox. It easily outperforms the stock element in every way and promotes better fuel mileage.

Built from a high-tech, polyester fabric that consists of 5-micron threads that trap airflow-reducing dust and debris particles down to an amazing .08 millimeters. Sprint P08 air filters never require messy, time-consuming maintenance and come with a 1-year warranty.

With optimized shapes and higher fins, Sprint Filters products have more surface area than most of their cotton-elemented competitors and aren’t doused in sticky oil, increasing airflow by up to 25%. These technologies result in better filtration, greater air volume and more consistent flow–the most important factors in making maximum power and promoting many healthy years of engine life.

Air-filter replacement takes just minutes on the Hayabusa and produces immediately noticeable power gains. No special tools are required. Simply unscrew the airbox lid, pop out the original and install the Sprint unit. For cleaning, dirt is quickly and easily blown away with compressed air.

Sprint’s class-leading products helped capture the 2013 FIM Moto3 and World Supersport championships, as well as two other world titles since 2010. Currently, they’re found in the airboxes of many top Grand Prix machines, World Superbikes and World Supersport racers.

Based in Milan, Italy, Sprint Filters designs and manufactures high-performance air filters in collaboration with leading motorcycle manufacturers and world-championship-winning race teams. The 62-year-old company’s products are custom-made for 150 street bikes.

Aside from this Suzuki product, the latest addition to Sprint Filter’s streetbike lineup are waterproof air filters for stock and modified Harleys.

Sprint Filter air filters in all designs – airbox panel, oval, conical and circular – are available for immediate shipment from or by calling 937-912-0054.