2015 Husqvarna Dual Sport Motorcycles First Look

2015 Husqvarna FE 501 S

2015 Husqvarna FE 501 S2015 Husqvarna Dual Sport FE 350 S and FE 501 S – First Look

In an unexpected development, Husqvarna has unveiled two street-legal dual-sport bikes for 2015 – the FE350S and FE501S.

According to a Husqvarna spokesman, “The 2015 FE 350 S and FE 501 S combine high-performance off-road performance with street-legal versatility. Based on the already-popular FE 350 and FE 501, the S models come equipped to carry a license plate, opening up worlds of possibility to your trail and tarmac adventures.”

Certainly, the ability to tie together disparate trail systems via paved roads is a big advantage to dirt bike riders. However, serious off-roaders don’t want to compromise performance.

To that end, the 2015 Husqvarna FE 501 S and FE 350 S both have WP suspension, with 4CS forks and a linkage-assisted DCC shock. Husky has recalibrated the suspension for the demands of a street legal bike. The FE 350 S gets a heavier crankshaft than the off-road edition, in an effort to improve traction. The FE 501 S has its motor retuned for more traction and improved reliability.

There will be 14 Husqvarna models for 2015 — six motocrossers (three two-stroke, three four-stroke), six enduro bikes (again, three and three), plus the two four-stroke dual sport bikes.