KTM Introduces Co-Branded Motorex Products

KTM Introduces Co-Branded Motorex Products

KTM Introduces Co-Branded Motorex ProductsKTM Motorex Products

KTM has introduced a full line of co-branded Motorex products complete with unique KTM-style bottle labels and trademark KTM orange coloring.

KTM and Motorex have a dynamic relationship and the Swiss-made oil is the go-to factory fill for KTM products. Motorex oils are used by KTM during the engine development process and KTM recommends specific Motorex products for use across its lineup.

The co-branding also capitalizes on a 10-year racing and development program between KTM and Motorex.

“Motorex KTM co-branded products are the direct result of the decade-long racing and development partnership our two companies share,” said Boris Mahlich of Motorex USA. “Because of this partnership, Motorex is absolutely the best you can get for your KTM.”

Motorex oils are formulated from the highest-quality synthetic PAO and Ester base stocks and are JASO MA certified. JASO MA oils are required for use in 4-stroke KTM motorcycles such as the 1290 Super Duke R that use a wet clutch and a single oiling system for the engine, transmission and wet clutch system. Motorex guarantees MA performance in its JASO MA-rated lubricants.

KTM-branded Motorex products include:

  • Cross Power 4T 10W50 and 10W60
  • Cross Power 2T
  • Top Speed 4T 15W50
  • Off Road Chain Lube
  • Air Filter Oil
  • Air Filter Cleaner
  • Coolant M5.0
  • Brake Fluid DOT 5.1

For additional information, visit ktm.com and www.motorexusa.com.


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