See Yourself on – #AXORACING

See Yourself on - #AXORACING

See Yourself on - #AXORACINGAXO America News

AXO America has launched a new innovative feature to the AXO website that will allow customers to be showcased within AXO’s webpages using the products they have purchased.

An integration with Instagram has made this possible, and now it’s likely for you to appear on simply by using the #axoracing hashtag.

See the below webpage for AXO’s new A2 boots that has the new photo sharing module in place.

The six photos featured at the bottom have all come directly from rider’s wearing the A2 boots. There is no editing or staging of these photos, which allows potential customers to really see the products in action and being put to the test by fellow riders.

“We feel this is a great way to show our products in use by real consumers, it gives more life to the products than a studio photo with a white background. Also, these are the riders that keep AXO running so we are excited to have the opportunity to feature them on our website,” said Alessandra Zago, AXO President.

To have your approved photos featured on use the hashtag #axoracing on any Instagram photos where you are wearing AXO products. In the future special hashtags may be used for contests, so make sure you’re following AXO on Instagram (@axoracing) and Facebook ( so you always know what’s going on!