Alpinestars New Land Gore-Tex Jacket Review

Alpinestars New Land Gore-Tex Jacket Review

Alpinestars New Land Gore-Tex Jacket ReviewAlpinestars New Land Gore-Tex Jacket Test

Alpinestars projects the image of high-quality gear and its New Land Gore-Tex jacket, an update of its classic Land jacket, easily meets this expectation for the rider that does not flinch from adverse weather conditions.

The jacket’s design matches this attitude with a Gore-Tex shell and a removable thermal liner that protects the rider in wet, cold conditions while providing plenty of ventilation for those perfect riding days of warmth and sun.

The New Land’s high-quality workmanship and material are evident throughout the jacket. The seams are tight and f lat without distorting the material, the zippers are a robust design to withstand the pulling and tugging that occurs on a daily basis, and the micro Velcro fasteners are easy on the fingers when opening and closing the flap that overlays the zipper.

While the jacket’s size matches Alpine- stars’ published sizing chart, it does have a snug fit that limits the rider to a long- sleeve over a short-sleeve shirt. In spite of the tight quarters, the jacket allows a full range of motion, and the length provides good protection when seated upright or fully bent over.

Where I live, I can experience three of the four seasons in a week. Consequently, I experience the Land jacket’s capabilities in conditions from a sunny, slightly humid 75-degree day, to com- mutes with 40-degree temperatures in moderate rain, and 32-degree windy rides to the office.

For warm, muggy conditions, the jacket’s ventilation is adequate when underway, though a bit stuffy at stops and in first-gear traffic situations. How- ever, when conditions were cold and rainy, the New Land jacket really did its job, keeping me warm and dry — critical for maintaining focus — and the waterproof internal pockets kept my wallet and phone moisture free. Still, I felt a trace of cold air bleeding through the zipped-close upper arm vents at high- way speeds.

I did no crash testing, but the Land is prepared, thanks to removable and upgradable CE-certified Bio-Armor in the elbows and shoulders, plus foam pad- ding for the chest and back (the back can be upgraded to CE-certified). Also, there is a zipper for connecting the Land jacket to Alpinestars’ also-excellent Land pants.

Overall, Alpinestars’ New Land Gore-Tex jacket is very comfortable to wear, easy to personalize, and handles a broad range of riding conditions. I think I just found the jacket that meets the difficult demands of my daily commute rides and longer trips.

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