Rev’It Gear Reviews - Outback Jacket, Fly Gloves, Enterprise Pants, Apache Boots
Rev’It Gear – Outback Jacket, Fly Gloves, Enterprise Pants, Apache Boots

Rev’It Gear Reviews

A full-service apparel company that covers you from neck-to-toe, Rev’It has an intriguing collection of new motorcycling clothing for daily commutes and weekend rides.

After eight months of use on my daily commute and weekend rides, the latest offerings have surpassed my high expectations.

As was my experience with previous Rev’It products, the sizing of this European gear runs a little small.

Rev’It Outback Jacket:

Designed in the Netherlands as an all-in-one solution for multi-season riding, the Rev’It Outback provides features that make it a versatile choice for riders who don’t believe in an off-season.

The bulk of the shell is heavyweight 600-denier polyester with Cordura-like 500-denier PWR in the impact areas behind the arms and on the shoulders, each providing high abrasion resistance. Accordion style flex panels at the elbows enhance ease-of-motion in the arms.

Two zippered vents on the chest combine with two exhaust vents on the back to induce airflow across the torso and under the arms to promote evaporative cooling during hot weather. An additional two-way zipper on each sleeve adds adjustable airflow up the arms.

Two removable liners add to the protective characteristics of the Outback’s shell. There is a full sleeve thermal liner for excursions into the winter months, plus a breathable waterproof membrane for all-weather protection.

Rev’It Fly Gloves

Made for warm weather, Rev’It Fly gloves are perforated leather with injected knuckle cups and EVA foam protection on the ball of the hand. Unlike the other gear, these gloves are water repellent, but not waterproof.

Rev’It Enterprise Trousers

With a wide waist opening, the Rev’It Enterprise trousers are made to slip over street clothes. There is no thermal liner, but they have a breathable waterproof liner.

Adjustment straps at the waist and Velcro at the cuffs keep the elements out of each end. CE-approved knee cups fit inside adjustable pockets that allow you to
move the standard armor up or down to fit your height.

Rev’It Apache Boots

Feeling more like a shoe, the Apache boots are inarguably comfortable. They are snug around the calf and ankle, giving a secure feeling. Conversely, the ankle is quite flexible, and the Skywalk outsole is cushy and makes them very easy to walk in. As with the previous Rev’It pieces, the Apache has a breathable waterproof liner.

For additional information, visit Rev’It.

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