Barkbusters Carbon Fiber Handguards Now Available at Twisted Throttle
Barkbusters Carbon Fiber Handguards

Barkbusters Carbon Fiber Handguards

For just about any motorsports enthusiast, carbon fiber equals high-end performance. One glance at this lightweight, tough material, and it’s hard not to think of F1 racecars and MotoGP bikes. Once the envy of any racer or performance rider, carbon fiber has since become accessible to the masses and is the signature accessory for any enthusiast wanting to make their machine stand out.

Barkbusters, the world’s leading motorcycle hand guard specialist, understands the allure of this precious material and decided to bring the magnetism of carbon fiber to the growing numbers of adventure, touring and naked bike riders by offering carbon fiber handguards!

The new Barkbusters Carbon Handguards will dress up most street bikes while also providing valuable impact protection to levers and hands, and a defense against the elements.

The Carbon Handguard is finished with a tough, gloss-coated resin that will not fade or yellow over time. The Handguards can be mounted with a single-point bar-end mount, a single-point inner handlebar clamp mount, or a dual-point aluminum backbone for added protection. To learn more, visit

Riders with Barkbusters already installed can upgrade their Barkbusters Storm, VPS or JET plastics with these carbon beauties. Becoming an elite member of the carbon fiber set has never been easier.

Bike-specific and universal handguard kits from Barkbusters are available to fit most bikes. Available from Twisted Throttle and it’s extensive dealer network throughout North America.

To learn more about the Barkbusters range, please click here.