Toni Bou Starts X-Trial Defense with Win at Sheffield

Repsol Montesa's Toni Bou
Repsol Montesa's Toni Bou
Repsol Montesa’s Toni Bou

2014 Sheffield X-Trial World Championship Results

For the past seven years, Repsol Montesa’s Toni Bou has been unstoppable in the X-Trial World Championship.

The Spaniard dominated the series, taking the past seven titles. And as the 2014 X-Trial Championship began Saturday in Sheffield, England, Bou began chasing his eighth title in the most optimal position – first.

With his overall win, Bou has earned his 37th victory, which is a record in  X-Trial indoor rounds. It also makes for 22 consecutive wins including the last few seasons.

Joining Bou on the Sheffield X-Trial podium was Sherco’s Albert Cabestany and Beta’s Jeroni Fajardo, respectively.

The main novelty of this year’s Championship rules is that the four finalist start from zero in the final phase, they do not add their results from the semi-final.

Nevertheless, the several times champion finished with zero points both the qualifying and the semi-final, and secured a new success by finishing the last area of the final with one point and the second area with two. After those areas he already had the advantage over the second that allowed him to win.

Toni Bou (Montesa Repsol Trials) says: “It was very important to start the season with a victory and continue the winning streak for which we are fighting. It will be a hard championship, as with only four areas in each finally and starting them with zero, it will be complicated to make a difference. We saw that clearly here in Sheffield: it was an easy round but you could make small mistakes that were difficult to recover against a strong rival such as Albert (Cabestany).

“When I received the injury in the cruciate ligament of the knee I decided not to undergo surgery, because the recovery would not have allowed me to take part in the X-Trial Championship and would also compromise my participation in the outdoor. That is why I chose to work on the muscles. I only trained for a week and my knee is at 75%. Each area I finished was a relief, but in the last step of the night my knee was at the limit and I lost the podium.”

The second of the six rounds that compose the X-Trial World Championship will be held in the French city of Marseille next January 25.

2014 Sheffield X-Trial Results:
1. Toni Bou     Repsol Montesa Honda     3 points
2. Albert Cabestany     Sherco     5 points
3. Jeroni Fajardo     Beta     12 points
4. Takahisa Fujinami     Repsol Montesa Honda     14 points
5. Adam Raga     Gas Gas     5 points (semi-final)

2014 X-Trial World Championship Point Standings:
1. Toni Bou     Repsol Montesa Honda     20 points
2. Albert Cabestany     Sherco     15 points
3. Jeroni Fajardo     Beta     12 points
4. Takahisa Fujinami     Repsol Montesa Honda     9 points
5. Adam Raga     Gas Gas     6 points


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