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Icon 1000 Iron Lung Custom Debuts

Icon Motosports, the Portland, Ore.-based maker of distinctively aggressive motorcycle riding apparel has produced the Harley-based Iron Lung, the latest in an impressive line of custom motorcycles to promote the Spring apparel release by the premium Icon 1000 brand.

Starting the in-house build with a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883, Icon 1000 pumped up the power with a 1200cc big bore kit featuring Wiseco pistons, and gave the engine a SuperTrapp exhaust system and K&N Filter to assist in breathing. Lubrication is by Motul.

The goal of Iron Lung, according to Icon Motosports Marketing & Communications Specialist Joe Gustafson, “was to replicate the bikes that Harley Davidson dared to build in the 1970s—world beating endurance and circuit racers.”

The chassis endured serious modifications, of course. The front end was lowered and widened. Harley-Davidson Wide Glide forks are employed, as well as one-off billet triple clamps. An existing fairing was cut and two, and made wider upon reassembly and mounting.

The rear of the bike received a custom subframe suspended by a pair of Progressive Suspension 970 shocks. Above that, you’ll find a custom seat from Portland’s New Church Moto. Garage 31 performed hand-painted detail duties. Finally, Harley-Davidson V-Rod wheels were shod with Avon Tires (the back got a PBI sprocket) to upgrade appearance and performance. Other bits from Accel, Cometic, Drag Specialties, Driven, and Motion Pro added the finishing touches to Iron Lung.

“Once completed, we headed down to an oval in Southern Oregon and kicked her in the guts to be featured along side of our Spring 2014 Icon 1000 apparel collection,” Gustafson explained. “Her handling was as questionable as the grandstand snacks, but she bore the brunt of torture with aplomb. It wouldn’t be an Icon 1000 bike without a true trial by fire. In Iron Lung’s case, this was literal as she burst into flame after her initial shakedown run just a few weeks prior. We build them, we thrash them, and then we build them again, all in pursuit of inspiring and being inspired by the apparel we build.”

A video of the Icon 1000 Iron Lung, which started life as a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883, can be found here.