2014 KTM Contingency Program Now at KTMCash.com


2014 Amateur Racing Contingency

KTM has launched an more optimal platform for KTM racers, dealers and promoters to access contingency information.

The new 2014 Contingency Program at KTMCash.com is now live, and open to amateurs and pros riding KTM motorcycles in motocross, off-road and road racing events. In 2014, riders can earn KTM Cash at nearly 1,000 nationwide races by simply signing up for an account at KTMCash.com.

The new Contingency Program has been revamped for efficiency, and KTM has partnered with Hookit, a digitally connected platform of tools and services created to support athletes, brands and sports, to make the platform run as smooth as possible.

Scott Tilton (CEO of Hookit) says: “KTM has been incredibly innovative in everything it has done from the development of its motorcycles to how it supports their racers and partners.

“Combining this passion and culture with a powerful digital platform creates huge opportunities for KTM to create a new standard to support racers and partners through contingency programs.”

KTMCash.com features the following:

  • Offers Promoters tools to promote their events and upload results
  • Riders sign-up to claim past KTM awards, find upcoming KTM Contingency events and get alerts when they earn new KTM Cash awards
  • Amateurs earn KTM Cash credit to spend at their local KTM dealer
  • Pros receive KTM Cash on a Visa debit card and can spend anywhere Visa is accepted
  • NO fees charged to riders, promoters or dealers to participate in the program

Christy LaCurelle (KTM Sport Marketing Manager) says: “We have been looking for a solution to increase the efficiency of our contingency program while making it easier for the riders, promoters and our dealers to be involved. We have found that solution through our partnership with Hookit and we look forward to the launch of the new site as well as the increase in participation from our KTM riders.”

For a complete list of KTM contingency events and payouts or to sign-up for the program, please visit www.ktmcash.com.