Zero DS Electric Motorcycle Chosen by San Mateo Police

Zero DS Police Motorcycle
Zero DS Police Motorcycle
Zero DS Police Motorcycle

Zero DS Police Motorcycle

The San Mateo Police Department is following the trend of others, such as the Bogota Police Department and Scotts Valley Police, and is going electric.

This week, the San Mateo Police Department purchased a 2013 Zero DS Police Motorcycle that it will use for patrols in the crowded downtown area.

The department chose the DS due to its "reliability, low maintenance, battery range and capacity, maneuverable and light weight chassis, as well as economical feasibility."

There are many reasons electric motorcycles such as the Zero DS is optimal for patrolling. The main one? Zero noise, allowing officers to verbally communicate with those on the street or while riding side-by-side.

John Lloyd (Vice President of Global Sales for Zero Motorcycles) says: “Police Departments are continuing to select Zero Motorcycles to be added to their fleets because the motorcycles have been developed from the ground up to meet the requirements of law enforcement agencies around the world.

“Zero has designed and engineered the police line-up based on feedback directly from patrol officers regarding their needs and responsibilities. We are thrilled that the city San Mateo Police Department is not only putting our Police Motorcycle into service, but also deploying it downtown in the center of the action.”

The Santa Cruz based Zero says its DS Police motorcycle was developed specifically for police and security agencies to be utilized to meet the daily needs and requirements of duty. Since launching its exclusive law enforcement and security motorcycle line-up, Zero has developed electric motorcycle programs for other police agencies like:

  • Bogota Police Department
  • Foothill/De Anza College Campus Police Department
  • Hong Kong Police Department
  • Monterrey Police Department
  • San Jose State University Police Department
  • Santa Cruz Police Department
  • Scotts Valley Police Department

Michael Callagy (Deputy Chief, San Mateo Police Department) says: “It was truly an easy decision for our department to integrate Zero into our current fleet of motorcycles. As a small community we wanted a motorcycle that could easily maneuver its way through our downtown traffic quietly and efficiently without disrupting the community.

"Also, the motorcycles are able to last an entire shift on one charge lowering the departments operating costs and allowing resources to be extended for more security and a safer community.

“Our community also enjoys hosting local events and the Zero Police Motorcycle provides the solution that allows our officers to provide security without the intrusive odors and loud noises of traditional police motorcycles.”

About the Zero Police Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles has developed their police motorcycles to meet the increasing demand for street and dual sport police motorcycles on a global level with many Asian, European and South American countries taking interest. North America continues to be in high demand as well with several local police departments and campuses utilizing the motorcycles for security and patrol.

Law enforcement and security agencies have found the 2013 Zero DS Police Motorcycle to be reliable with no routine powertrain maintenance and economically feasible with “fuel” cost at only a penny a mile. Zero continues to work directly with a variety of international, national and local law enforcement, security and military agencies to expand their motorcycle fleets and integrate the use of Zero Motorcycles.

For exclusive information regarding Zero’s Police line- up, including video testimonial, visit


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