2014 Husqvarna Motocross Lineup | Video

2014 Husqvarana TC and FC Motocross Motorcycle Lineup

During the MXGP of Sweden at Uddevalla on Oct. 5, Husqvarna paid homage to its Swedish roots.

Speaking of Sweden, Husqvarna says it was a major protagonist in the pioneering era of motocross especially in the late 1950s and 1960s with Swedish legends like Bill Nilsson, Torsten Halmann and Rolf Tibblin. This tradition continued in the 1970s with riders like Bent Aberg and Heikki Mikkola, and the Husky brand was the chose among American heroes like Malcolm Smith.

Building upon this tradition, Husqvarna, now owned by KTM AG,  unveiled its 2014 lineup of motocross and enduro motorcycles at Uddevalla. The 2014 Motocross lineup, displayed in the video above, features the TC models (Two-Stroke Cross) and FC models (Four-Stroke Cross).

For 2014, Husqvarna will offer the TC 85 with either a 17″/14″ or 19″/16″ wheel setup, the TC 125 and the TC 250. Also offered is the FC 250, FC350 and the FC450.

Speaking of the 2014 Motocross lineup, Husqvarna says “with innovation at the forefront, Husqvarna offers technical details completely new to motocross such as the polyamide rear subframe, which ensures both improved stability and flexibility. This allows the subframe to spring back into its original position very easily while at the same time offers optimal protection for air filter, battery and electric cables.”

For additional information, visit Husqvarna’s website.


2014 Husqvarna TC 250
2014 Husqvarna TC 250


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