America’s Cretu to Pilot EBR 1190RS at Macau Grand Prix

Brandon Cretu aboard the EBR1190RS, which he will use at this year's Macau Grand Prix
Brandon Cretu aboard the EBR1190RS, which he will use at this year's Macau Grand Prix
Brandon Cretu aboard the EBR1190RS, which he will use at this year’s Macau Grand Prix

2013 Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix

One of the few American riders that competes in legendary road races such as the Isle of Man TT will be on American superbike machinery during this November’s Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix.

The rider, Brandon Cretu, will competed aboard an EBR 1190 RS with sponsorship arriving from Motul, a main sponsor of the 2012 IOM TT, and HEL Performance.

Simon Lane (Owner of HEL Performance) says: “We couldn’t be happier to continue our support of Brandon as he takes on the Macau Grand Prix again this year. He is a great ambassador for HEL around the world and always goes out of his way to promote the brand.”

Cretu, who competed at the Isle of Man TT four times, and first raced the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix last year, recently tested the EBR1190RS (Erik Buell Racing) at The Ridge Raceway in Washington.

The year marks the 60th Anniversary of the exclusive Macau Grand Prix, which is held in Macau, China.  Organizers, competitors, and fans will all join in celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of the event this year as they hold more races and more excitement for everyone.

For those unfamiliar with the races, they are run over the infamous 3.8 mile armco-lined Guia Circuit which snakes through the streets of Macau with high rises and casinos dotting the course.  Photos of riders scraping their shoulders along the armco is not an uncommon site and always a hit with the fans!

Brandon Cretu says: “2012 was a big learning year for me at Macau. This year I have the advantage of previous course experience and I feel more confident in my abilities as a rider after a fairly successful Isle of Man TT effort. My main goal, as always, is to enjoy the experience and represent my sponsors, the organizers, and my country in the best way possible.

“A close second is to improve my results from last year and continue to be a staple in the Macau GP rostrum.  I do need to give a special shout out to Motul, HEL Performance, Dunlop USA, and Colin Edward’s Texas Tornado Boot Camp for stepping up for help me for this event!  I can’t wait to return to Macau!”

Cretu would like to thank all of his sponsors and friends for their continued support of his racing efforts over the years. Without them none of this would be possible.

If anyone else is interested in joining with his 2013 Macau Grand Prix campaign please feel free to contact Brandon directly via the contact page on his website, This will also be the place to follow him during the Macau Grand Prix with updates daily via his Twitter feed!

Photo – Darren Beatty