New Patented Waterproof Air Filters From Italy

Sprint-Waterproof-Air-Filter-Custom-MotorcyclesThere is no doubt that bikes using filters without an airbox face several problems in everyday use in raining conditions, or when in contact with any liquid. Standard air filters that directly contact water (rain) will be filled with water, and the water will be sucked in by the engine along with the dust previously stopped by the filtering media.

Sprint Filter offers a new solution for the owners of customized motorbikes and cafe racers, and all the bikes equipped with an external conical or cylindrical air filter. The Sprint Filter P08 WP air filter is claimed to be the only waterproof air filter that prevents the motor from ingesting dust and the water.

The result of two years of experience at race tracks, the Sprint Filter P08 WP air filter has a waterproof treatment that allows to be used in even in the worst weather conditions. Vehicles using external conical or cylindrical air filters will get a benefit from this innovation.

The technology used is the same of the popular Sprint Filter P08 air filter (several times world champion and holder of five records at Bonneville), but subjected to a special PTFE treatment.

The tissue is the same of the P08 air filter: an 80 microns polyester, composed of wires with a diameter of 5 microns, that allows a double airflow and an higher filtration power compared to any other sport air filter. The Sprint Filter P08 WP is absolutely regenerable with a few seconds maintenance procedure (just using compressed air) and its life is unlimited, according to Sprint Filter.

The range of direct intake filters is composed of conical and cylindrical filters
available with different inclinations and angles, and they can be fitted on carburetors
or throttle bodies starting from a 32mm flange diameter to a 70 mm flange

Sprint Filter since from 1952, is the oldest Company in the World that manufactures
special air filters and is based in Milano, Italy.


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