Fly Racing Girl’s Kinetic Boot Cut Off-Road Riding Gear Test

Fly Racing has successfully tackled the job of properly designing women’s off-road riding apparel with the Kinetic Girl’s line. I appreciate the difficulty of designing pants for the myriad shapes of the female bottom end, invariably the pants are baggy in some places, tight in others, and gap when we sit on the bike. Accommodating proper knee protection is not usually on the list of design points, a sticking point for women with knee braces when riding a dirt bike.

Fly Racing gets it. Although initially dubious upon opening the box of moto gear and seeing the boot cut pants—I’m an old school pants-tucked-in-boots aficionado—I was quickly distracted by the very cool graphics and color combo of the Fly Racing Kinetic Girl’s line.

I slipped on the pants and noted the fashionable low-cut waist—stylish for sure, yet almost inherently ill-functioning when sitting down. Happily, Fly Racing took wardrobe malfunction precautions: elastic on the sides of the waistband take up any slack, while allowing comfortable movement; the fly zipper is locked down at the top by a hook-and-loop strap; a flap ratchets down over the zipper for additional security; and finally there is a unique adjustable waist belt that cinches from the middle of the back waistband to the left side of the pants. The Kinetic Girl’s Boot Cut pants keep you backside covered, no ifs, ands, or butts.

Addressing another modesty issue—untucked flapping jerseys (Dean Wilson, anyone?)—soft, sticky rubber blocks line the inside of the back waistband, providing enough friction between pants and jersey to keep your jersey securely tucked.

Although by nature, boot cut pants are loose fitting, the Fly Racing Kinetic pants have a flattering fit in the seat and thighs, while still maintaining the range of motion necessary for riding thanks to strategic stretch panels running along the sides of the legs and just above the seat and inner thighs. Importantly, the Kinetic Girl’s Boot Cut pants are cut wide enough to accommodate serious protection; I wore an Össur CTi OTS knee brace without any binding issues.

The mesh-lined polyester pants have a zipper and hook-and-loop closure at the bottom of each leg to keep things tidy over your boots. Foot-long zippered vents on the front and back sides of each leg flow plenty of air to keep you cool, plus there are three permanently open grommet vents above each knee. For convenience, there are two large, map-sized zippered pockets on each thigh, and a small interior pocket for your keys.

As my first set of boot cut riding gear, I was impressed. I still prefer the sleek in-the-boot design for racing. However, for casual trail riding, the boot cut makes good sense. Happily, Fly Racing offers a choice of design.

The Kinetic Girl’s jersey is not simply a smaller version of the men’s jersey. It has an anatomical cut for the female form that is extremely comfortable and flattering. The liberal use of mesh ventilation panels does an excellent job of moving air. Be aware—the shape of the mesh will allow an interesting tan line (or sunburn), so don’t forget your sunscreen.

Wide cuffs have gone out of style, as compression on wrists can cause arm pump, but with a very thin, and barely snug cuff, the sleeves ride up at speed. Good for keeping cool, but not so much for sun protection. Again, sunscreen is your friend.

Although there are matching gloves in the Kinetic Girl’s line, they were unavailable so I tested the Pro Lite gloves, instead. Soft, super light and flexible, the Pro Lites have great feel and Silicone grippers on your brake and clutch fingers ensure a no-slip grip at the levers.

Neoprene cuffs give a snug, secure fit and a synthetic leather patch strategically stitched across the thumb provides a cushion against handlebar rub. The Pro Lite gloves aren’t a great choice for woods riding, however, as they have virtually no protection for your fingers or the back of your hand against branches or other hazards.

Fly Racing’s Kinetic Girl’s Racewear pants and jersey are the real deal—comfortable, functional and great looking.