Speed and Strength Hell ‘N Back SS2500 Helmet | Review

Speed and Strength Hell 'N Back SS2500 Helmet

Speed and Strength Helmet Review

As the motorcycles offered by manufacturers become more specialized, so does the gear offered by the market place.

The helmet has witnessed many iterations over recent years, and Speed and Strength offers just about all of them. The lineup starts with a grid of graphic-fancy full-face helmets to an Iron Butt competitor’s favorite, the modular helmet, to a graffiti skull cap, and everything in between.

The lineup also includes our recent test lid, an MX-styled helmet for the adventure rider, the Hell ‘N Back SS2500. On my first adventure ride aboard a 2013 Kawasaki KLR 650, I donned this helmet that transverses multiple styles; the SS2500 is a happy marriage of an MX-style helmet crossed with a full face street helmet.

Goggles need not apply; the Speed and Strength SS2500 has a flip down face shield with the style and benefits of motocross helmet. A tinted shield is available for an SS2500, but due to the MX visor, the extra shield is not necessary.

A big visual challenge while trail riding is bright light creating a strobe-like effect through trees. When you’re blasting through the woods on a dual sport, the last thing you want is a tinted shield masking judgment of the upcoming terrain in a heavily shaded area. Yet when you crest a hill and the sun is shooting straight down on you like an officer’s Maglight, that extended visor is your best friend.

Another great aspect of the SS2500 helmet is the massive air flow channeled through the chin guard, which utilizes three vents. The ratcheting chin strap, like a reusable zip-tie, is easy to use while wearing gloves. A removable liner that’s easily cleanable is also necessary for the environment this helmet is likely to live in.

S&S hit on all the design features you’ll need while keeping the MSRP in check. The price? Between $199.95 and $219.95.

But with this price arrives the quality of the graphics. There graphics surrounding the silver lettering bleed threw on our matte black helmet – nothing a little mud won’t hide. Weight is also going to suffer on most helmets in this price range, but at just under 4 lbs., it’s not excessive. The budget price also fits nicely with other great bang-for-your-moto-bucks, such as the venerable Kawasaki KLR or the supermoto-savvy Suzuki DRZ-400SM.

For additional information, log onto ssgear.com.

Hell ‘N Back SS2500 Helmet Specs:
– T.F.C. Tri-composite Fiberglass Shell
– Meets or Exceeds DOT and ECE 22-05 Standards
– Cool-Core Removable, Washable and Moisture Wicking Liner
– Air Strike Direct Course Ventilation System
– All Clear! Sight System Optically Correct, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog and UV Resistant Face shield
– Speed Strap Quick Release Chin Strap


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