Yamaha’s David Checa Breaks 1-Minute Lap Time at Carole

Michelin GMT 94 Yamaha team at Circuit Carole
Michelin GMT 94 Yamaha team at Circuit Carole
Michelin GMT 94 Yamaha team at Circuit Carole

Circuit Carole Lap Record

In 2008, Stephane Duterne’s set a new lap record of 1:00.512 at Circuit Carole in Tremblay, France, aboard a Yamaha R1.

The record at the 1.28-mile circuit containing nine corners exclusively dedicated to motorcycle racing was untouchable…until Tuesday.

This is when David Checa, the younger brother of World Superbike Champion Carlos Checa (Ducati), broke the record aboard the Michelin GMT 94 Yamaha R1. Checa currently competes in the FIM World Endurance Championship with the Michelin team.

Checa’s time at Circuit Carole was a 0:59.462, and he became the first rider to break the 1-minute barrier.

David Checa says: “I’m very happy for Christophe and the team. Carole holds a special status in France. I love the track. Our Yamaha R1 was perfect. Power down the straights, agility in the corners and our Michelin race tires were the assets that helped me get down to 0:59.90. Beyond that, Michelin did the rest. I am happy because I went faster on the qualifying tires than I did on the race tires which I normally prefer.”

Christophe Guyot (Michelin GMT 94 Yamaha Manager) says: “This new lap record achieved in collaboration with the FFM was the dream of many racers and street riders. David Checa can be proud of being the first one to reach that goal. I would like to thank him, the team, Michelin and all my partners for this performance which will remain one of the highlights of our history.”

Roland Bernard (manager, Circuit Carole) says: “This new record will reenergize this track that the FFM would like to modernize while maintaining its layout and its original purpose aimed at street riders. I was delighted to witness this achievement by David Checa and GMT 94. I will remember this moment forever.”
Alexandre Kowalski (Yamaha Motor France) says: “We are very proud of this achievement by David Checa on his Michelin-shod Yamaha R1 and everyone who contributed to breaking this record. The 59″462 lap time concludes a long series of attempts to get below the one minute mark. I am sure that Yamaha France, the FFM and Circuit Carole will continue making history on this track dear to many street riders and racers.”